How to Land Major Media Coverage with No Connections Using “The Drafting Technique”

Hey everyone Derek Halpern from
here and welcome to the first SocialTriggers Insider master class. You’re going to love
it and based on the comments yesterday there were more than three hundred of them I know
you’re all looking forward to this. Alright so lets just get started. In this video you’re
going to learn how to land loads of press both in the mainstream media and in the blog
world and to really just put this in terms we care about you are goint to learn how to
get traffic, leads and sales by getting press. Alright so lets jump right in you ready let’s
do it. OK there’s a technique that I’ve used for around five years or so now and I’ve used
this technique to land links on popular blogs and mainstream media outlets. I call it the
drafting technique. Before I tell you exactly how this technique works let me give you a
little backstory about drafting for those of you who are unfamiliar with drafting it’s
a term used in racing. Alright NASCAR racing bicycle racing I think they use it in swimming
longboarding they use it everywhere. If you ever watch those races you’ll notice how cars
and bikes line up behind the person in front of them they are very close to each other
it’s almost like they are in formation. Well there not really in formation what they’re
doing is they’re doing this because they’re taking advantage of what is known as the slip
stream which really only means one thing people can maintain their speed while expending less
energy because the person in front of them is breaking through all the friction in the
air. OK well this same drafting technique like they use in racing can be used online
to score press and links. Instead of working your tail off to score press and links all
you gotta do is find your competitors who already have the press. Find the journalists
who covered them and reach out to them individually with personal emails. The friction is already
gone you’d be taking advantage of your competitors slipstream. Alright now one note you can’t
just reach out to this journalists and be like HEY feature me I want some links. It
doesn’t work that way no one cares about you or your business they care about their articles
and their job that they have to run. So you got to cultivate that relationship you gotta
find the articles that they wrote about and offer additional value to that journalist
you could for example you could say look you covered this one story from this one angle
but here’s another angle you should consider and here’s an article that presents this to
you. That helps the journalist or as another example you could you could say look you already
featured this company and you said that they were great aside from these three shortfalls
well my company has everything you like about that one company and none of the shortfalls.
Why don’t you take a look at it and let me know what you think. Alright that’s another
example cool way to reach out to a journalist who featured a competitor of yours but not
you. Now I know these are general terms but I’m thinking you are getting the idea find
your competitors and take advantage of their slipstream. Now personally I’ve use this drafting
technique to get tons of links and press. I want to tell you how that happened, years
ago I ran an entertainment website and back then entertainment bloggers were getting tons
of mainstream media mentions. I wasn’t, I was jealous so instead trying to cultivate
connections that I didn’t have I just simply cold emailed journalists who were already
covering the entertainment side and I used that exact strategy. I just said look you
already covered this one person here is a different point of view. Let me know what
you think. I wasn’t asking him to link me. I was just asking for for their opinion and
it worked. Well, that’s it for the drafting technique and how to use it. But here is one
thing what happens if you use this technique and it doesn’t turn out as you planned. Instead
of getting good press you get bad press. What do you do? Well, continue through this free
SociatTriggers Insider master class and you’ll learn all about bad press and you’ll learn
about when you should panic and when you should sit back and relax. Alright also remember
SocialTriggers Insider is one hundred percent free so as you proceed through the rest of
this class if you love it make sure you share with your friends by sending them a personal
email telling them all about it. Alright, thank you and I’ll see you on the following
audio training which is right below this video.


The Drafting Technique! Love it Derek. Thanks for the strategy. Btw your presentation skills are smooth. I've just started doing videos myself and I'm no where near your level.


I just got done watching this video and I thought to myself, "I like this guy". Gonna watch the other videos

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