How to increase bank balance, save money? 8 Financial advice tips in Hindi


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Brother and plz give me good suggestions for best investment, like where should I invest for better income,
And moreover I know only gold, silver and investment on land.
Plz give other options also

Sir , please help
Me monthly saving krna chahta hu aur ek acha return chahta hu
To muje please guide kre ki muje paisa kha invest kre

Main baat ye nahi ki aap kitna paisa kmaate hai.. Usse bhi important ye hai ki aap paisa kis tarike se bchaate hai aur ye aapki video ne sikhaya

I liked the video Mr. Jain.

I have taken VR at age of 54 due to health complications.
Ideally how much percentage you advise for my age guy to invest in FD, MF.

I had invested 100% in MF. And had some liquid fund and I was managing the show. But market is collapsing. Had i invested in FD I would have had assured return monthly. But now MF fetching less than 4%. Immediately redeemed 30% and put in FD which will give me on monthly basis 7.1%PA. Please suggest do you have any statistics for percentage of FD, MF. Please reply. I am basically Veg.

sir, can you please tell me if I have two UAN numbers, one is current employers and second one is my previous ones. I just don't have my previous UAN's linked mobile number and password too .
now how I can i get my pf of previous UAN'S pf amount?
kindly reply.

Thank u for this! I am a student n my parents aren't that well off economically. I always need to think on how to save money. Your advices really gave me an insight n i'll try to apply this in my life.

आज से मे ciggarte छोड़ दूंगा.. सच कहाँ मैंने आपके कहने के हिसाब से पिछले 15 साल का कैलकुलेशन किया यकीन मानिये इसमे तो मे एक घर खरीद सकता था.और हेल्थ ख़राब हुआ वो अलग 🙏🙏

Each and Every point is clearly explained sir.. Really thank u, it's 11:45 pm I'm sleeping after watching this video and hope in 2020 I will fallow all these points and improve my economic level… Thank u again 🙏💕

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