How to get YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium

At YouTube, we offer a few options
to amplify your video and music experience. YouTube Music Premium
is a paid music membership specifically for the YouTube Music app. YouTube Premium includes
all the benefits of YouTube Music Premium plus benefits on YouTube
and other YouTube apps. Let’s start with YouTube Music Premium. As a member, you can listen to
millions of songs and videos without ads download songs and videos
to your phone to listen offline listen to music
even if you’re using other apps or listen to music
on your Google Home or Chromecast Audio. To subscribe to YouTube Music Premium,
visit You may be eligible to start a free trial so check it out. Now let’s talk about
YouTube Premium membership. In addition to
all the benefits of YouTube Music you’ll gain benefits across
YouTube and other YouTube apps. You can watch millions of videos without ads download videos and playlists
to your phone, to watch offline continue playing videos
on your phone or tablet while using other apps
or when your screen is off and access
all YouTube Original series and movies. To sign up for YouTube Premium,
visit You’ll either see an offer to try it for free or, if you’re already a Music Premium member,
see an option to upgrade your membership. And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel
for more YouTube tips and tricks.


I had yt premium and with that I got to put songs on my google play playlist. When my yt premium ran out songs weren’t there(obviously) but when I payed it again the songs still won’t load back. I payed for the $15.99 option. Do I need to pay for the music option too?

I tried to buy premium pack but it always say my card details are incorrect but I already checked them twice or more they are correct

full of BS, no advantages at all just removing annoying stuff actually added by YouTube on purpose, bye YouTube, welcome SoundCloud.

Why does my subscription on my phone shows two seperate subscription plans for YouTube premium and music apps?

อีกกี่ชาติจะให้ไทยใช้ได้วะเนี่ยยยยยยยย!! รำคาญเซนต์เซย่าหลอนหูไปหมดแล้วว!!

คือไม่มีโฆษณาก็ดีนะ….. แต่คือถ้าไม่สมัครก็โหลดวิดีโอไม่ได้เลยไง…..

Hey Youtube, add Slovakia as well 🙂 I cant wait till it will be avalible here in Slovakia 🙂 can you tell me when it will be?

YouTube to me is a free platform for songs and dumb videos and it will remain like that. If I want to pay, I’ll go with Spotify, which is cheaper and as good as YouTube and even better when t comes to music and organizing.

YouTube you have to bring down your prices to compete against Spotify otherwise you're like a half-assed Spotify

Why can't I download videos to watch offline on my computer? I can only download and watch videos on my mobile device. That was not specified when I signed up for Youtube Premium.

Shove it up your rear! you are a sharing site, you make all kinds of money with our data and now you want to scam us for more money just to use youtube they way it used to be! can't wait for another site to mimic your original model so I can throw youtube in the trash where it belongs!!!!! same with Windows 10 and its rediculous cortana feature that eat memory constantly for nothing more that you collecting my data to sell!

Like what is the problem specific in Israel that YouTube music and Premium is not accessible

Not able to subscribe YouTube premium because Everytime when I put my card details it says correct card details when they are all correct and card are working any help here @youtube

HEYY!! I can’t get YouTube premium cuz I’m the selected few countries.. now how am I going to watch my videos?!

Hyy …I m not able to get d premium .evry time I give card details n go ahead is showing network error

What happens if i buy youtube premium in a country that has youtube premuim and then go to a country that doesnt support it?

Why I cant find the Youtube Music app? Is iy because I'm on the Philippines If it

Pleaaaaassssseee aaadddddd thhhhhheeeee phiiiiiilllliiipppiiinnneeesssss

Then why do I download videos & as soon as I leave the original page to see the download. I says no download available. On EVERY VIDEO. Why am I wasting my money

Kpop Girl Group Twice will have a collaboration with YT original, so can you make it Available in Philippines too? so I can watch it

I have a question, if I download videos during my free trial month will I be able to keep those downloads after, even if I stop using YouTube premium? Ty

Someone pls help i used youtube music ones but it didnt ever tell me to pay ? Ive never used it before but will it still charge me?

ну и зачем пидрилко этот тут. не могли нормального ведущего натурала взять,

Is it out for Cyprus I really want to watch cobra kai s2 and it won’t let me use my credit card to get YouTube premium

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