How to Find Out if Your Loved One Had a Life Insurance Policy

Many times family or loved ones don’t even
know if or what policies exist. So the question is, what do you to find out? And what you do is, number one, go
through all the important papers all of us have some place that we keep our important
papers, some may be more scattered than others but we have our important papers. Go through those important papers. You hear all the time about a husband or a
wife having a life insurance policy that they’ve put away toward their entire life and never
even told family members. They were doing it because out of their own
diligence and prudence they want to make sure everything was protected if something happen
to them but they didn’t let anybody know where those papers were. So look through important papers. The other thing is to contact the human resources
department of the deceased’s employer. Because many people have life insurance through
their work or as an employee benefit.

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