How To Create And Sell High-End Programs And Packages – Premium Package Secrets Ep. 9


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I have read FU Money just 2 months ago and I have really started to work on those things which will bring me closure to my FU Money. Every time I lose my focus, I read it once more and it pulls me back on track. Thank You, sir DAN LOK.

Hey Dan , 20 year-old here , taking responsibility and trying to change my life around. Been following your advice and videos lately. Pricing higher attracts better clients (and noticed an increase on my e-book sales!). I want to thank you so much , your content is SO valuable! Read 2 of your books and they are incredible. Thank you so much. For anyone reading , please read his book FU Money and check out his other stuff too!

hi dan i want to ask . so you are saying i have to charge extra to see if the client is commited ? because i have a client that pays cheap and not commited .

So I listened first replayed and then took my notes the second replay it’s 12:11 at night I’m learning while everyone else sleeps. I’m committed to myself and I’m going to Bring value and revenue to everything I do. My timing will be perfect I’m going to assure my client production elite service creating commitment I’ll turn players with money into my clients with the rules of engagement and dans great leadership

Legit Question — What if when I double or triple my rates, existing client comes to me and say "WTF? Last time I checked, it was only X amount. Please reconsider. I love your services, but I cannot afford that much. For comparison, your competitors only charge Y amount."

How should I respond when they try and make me feel guilty about it? Knowing that they might spread the word "Sean 3X-ed his rates, he is all about money, he only sees money, materialistic, etc."

Do we need to justify our new rates to such people who ask this way?

I was surprised that most of my existing clients are happy to pay 3X more anyway without even saying a word. They just transferred the money.

So this is my question:

Is there a professional way to justify our newly increased rates and packages that best communicates our value? Without angering the client who will tell others — "you charge so much, you are bad" mentality.

Thank you.

From previous videos, its key to value your time. The price of your time must equate with your value. Great insight once again.

Amazing content as always Dan! Love your videos, they always inspire me to be a better entrepreneur and level up my game.

Thank you, your example of offering the ultimate result at the time desire is the highest, made me realize that the concept of TIMING can also be used effectively in business strategies.

wow….my jaw just dropped, …lots ahaas. select clients that are quality and qualified for your services, only the committed will show results and be transformed, stop stooping to low, otherwise you will turn out to be the quick fixer. Only offer that which you are really proud of….isn't this amazing?I think fear and lack of knowhow limits us to venture with full force.

Fully committed clients are what's best to work with. They're willing to pay premium to fix a major life issue and work hard in the success of their own change.

Comited clyints will go after you every were and they are thoes who will make you more futher selling.

I’ve watched this before, but somehow I missed the most important “”aspect of the “Rules Of Engagement”. I am about to make my video fro LinkedIn, and I am “definitely “ going to include this in my concise
“about me” video. THANK YOU DAN!!!

They say rock stars come and go in life BUT YOU MUST STAY! And keep moving forward with us man you are the greatest watch you every morning no more tv BS just Dan Lok

The rules of engagement, no desperate or needy people-those points hit to the core. I will begin to implement these in all my business engagements going forward. Thank You Sifu Dan

Thank You Dan for sharing Invaluable knowledge. What you say, most people never share with others. I have read your book, listened to the Audio Book as well and constantly watch your videos. Its serious food for thought!

Gonna rearticulate rules of engagement on my page with more clarity, especially those whom I do not serve. Thanks Dan.

Best decision I ever made right there I went and got the book on the website I listen to it and five and a half hours Non-Stop and then I went. Did the webinar the same day and I joined HTC that day also and now it is freaking awesome I am a totally and completely changed human being you want to be different do you want to be the best then just do it man but damn sure don't do it lightly this s*** ain't for the faint of heart you better be ready because that man Works your ass I f**** love it he challenges every part of you.

I only had to hear you say "-Don't sell information, offer transformation!" and I knew my mind was shifted and my perspective adjusted to reality. The work of a true master. 🙂 Thank you Dan! 🙂 Much love and health your way.

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