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I have seen a very close friend of mine whose property was damaged by a hurricane and he wasn’t insured! That incident literally bought him on road and he is still trying to get the same lifestyle back that he had. And the worse thing is, he didn’t have a homeowners Insurance just to save money! The most stpidest mistake a person can make. I have learnt a lesson by that and this video reminds me of the same. I not only have an insurance but recommend everyone to get one!

Things you lose can be easily replaced when you have the right home insurance policy. Updating your insurer of your purchases is very important as well.

Doesn't anyone remember where insurance started ? Either yous guys give me money while you live in my country or bad things are going to start happening.

And then there is that giant branding iron, "This here cow belongs to me, so keepa yo hands – hoffa"

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