How to Apply for Health Coverage

So now you’re ready to apply for health coverage at
Maryland Health Connection, the state’s health
insurance marketplace. This new online application
makes applying easier. This is where you enter
the information for you and your family so you
can see if you are eligible for a break in your monthly
premiums for private insurance or if you
or anyone in your family is eligible for Medicaid –
all in one place. Here’s what you may need
to apply: your address and the birthdates
of your family members; Social Security
numbers (or document numbers for any legal immigrants
who need insurance); employer and income
information for everyone in your family
(like a pay stub or W2 form); policy numbers for any
current health insurance; information about any
job-related health insurance available to your family. We ask about your income and the
number of people in your family to let you know what
coverage you qualify for and if you can get any help
paying for it. We keep all the information
you provide private and secure, as required by law. If there is a change
in your personal information during the year after you enroll
for health coverage, make sure you let us know. Call our consumer support center
at 855-642-8572. You must submit true
and complete information to find out your eligibility
for public health programs or financial help
with health care costs. At any step along the way,
you can call our free phone line and speak with
a trained representative. We also offer assistance
in 200 languages and service for
people who are deaf.

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