How-To: Apply Behr Premium Concrete & Masonry Protector & Waterproofer

Behr Premium Protector and Water
Proofer is a premium interior and exterior waterproof,
that is guaranteed to protect your surface for 10 years. It uses water-based silicone technology,
designed to penetrate surfaces up to 1/2 inch. This waterproofer creates a barrier
inside the surface, that keeps water out, but let’s trapped
water vapors escape, reducing corrosion, spalling,
efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage. The protector and waterproofer can be
used on horizontal and vertical uncoated concrete and masonry surfaces,
such as: concrete block, pavers, stucco, brick, unglazed tiles, exposed aggregate, concrete, sandstone and slate. Before you apply Behr Premium Protector
and Waterproofer, it is essential you have a properly
cleaned and prepped surface. If you have a new or uncoated surface,
please refer to the prep uncoated concrete for sealers video. If you have uncoated pavers, brick or
natural stone, please refer to the prep uncoated pavers,
brick or natural stone for sealers video. If
you have coated concrete, please refer to the prep coated concrete for sealers
video. Now that the surface is clean and prepped,
it is time to apply protector and water- proofer. Apply until saturated by brush, roller or
garden sprayer to a dry surface. Use the appropriate spread rate per
gallon. Use this product when air and surface
temperatures are between 50°-90° F. Do not apply in direct sunlight, on wet
surfaces, or if rain or heavy dew is expected
within 24 hours. Remove any puddles by spreading product
to drier areas or by wiping up excess with a clean
cloth. On vertical surfaces, apply from the
bottom up and saturate well. Protector and waterproofer will cure in
24 to 48 hours. Once dried, rough vertical surfaces may
be coated with an oil or latex based paint or primer. Do not paint horizontal surfaces after
applying this product. Clean-up is easy, was just soap and water. We have just shown you how easy it is to
apply Behr Premium Protector and Water- proofer. Enjoy your beautifully protected surface.


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