John, thanks so much for all of your help with these great videos. I just passed my ABO this week, largely in part to watching your videos (over and over and over again).
I highly recommend the optician works study guide and this YouTube channel for anyone looking to take their ABO.

I am surprised your lab does not use sonic cleaning as part of the cleaning process. This could eliminate the numerous "sponging" processes I observed in the video.

Hi john…
This is faisal from pakistan and doing job in glass Rx lenses manufacturing factory since 2004 but we have no foreign training.
I am regular subscriber of your videos. I want to discuss something with you.
Please inbox me your email n contact details on my email [email protected] & WAPP# 00923125335272.
Thanks & Kind Regards
Faisal Azeem

Is this the same process that is used to apply AR coating to a sapphire wristwatch crystal? The reason I ask is because my Hamilton watch does not have AR coating and is highly reflective. Does this mean I can go to an optician to get AR coating applied to my Hamilton's watch crystal? Also, is this an expensive process to apply AR coating to a watch crystal?

Great video!
I was just wondering if it would help if the clean room operators wore masks, long sleeves and hair nets im order to minimize human chemical/physical contamination of the lenses? (Worked in a lobster processing plant a long time ago wherd this was standard procedure)

Hello: it appears my coating flakes off every 12 months prompting a new pair of glasses. What is the best method to remove the coating?

Now, I know why AR costs so much. I only wish I knew an easy way to clean AR lenses, now. LOL Thanks for the video. 🙂

Hi Bob, I've done alot of reading about AR, and now more confused than ever, can you explain the difference between these Premium AR Coatings from very big companies ex: Crizal, Zeiss or Shamir) at very high prices, are they worth it, and now I see some online sites selling these brands at discounts, almost half the price. See what I mean by confusing. I figured you being a tech. you can explain this better than a salesman, thank you, Jeff

Hi, its very interesting how you use rings yo avoid the drop on the face of the lens, where can i found those rings and racks?

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