How do I pay my premium?

Hi! My name is Joseph and today I’m
meeting with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield customer advocate to talk about…
my premium payment options. I’m a little confused on paying my premium. What are
my options? To make a payment you can log into your Blue Access for Members account and use your debit card to make a payment. You then click on the Billing and
Payments section to begin your payment. Okay, that’s convenient. What if I want to
use cash or a money order instead? Is that possible? Both are accepted. If you’re using a money order make it out to Blue Cross
and Blue Shield. You can also use a MoneyGram to send cash. Our website
provides more information about both methods. Okay, thank you. I’ll research
which payment option works best for me. Glad I could help. For more information
call the number on your member ID card or visit our website at

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