Health Matters to Bull Rider Dakota Louis: Coverage for American Indians & Alaska Natives

[percussive Native American
music] – More American Indian…
– And Alaska Natives… – Are signing up
for health care coverage… – Than ever before. – Members of federally
recognized tribes… – Can enroll
in the marketplace… – Any time of the year. – And all American Indians… – And Alaska Natives…
– Can enroll in Medicaid… – And CHIP…
– All year long. – Why should we enroll? – Because health care matters… – To people like me. – I’ve been called fearless. I suppose I am,
because in my sport, every chute that opens
puts me at risk of injury. – On Poncho.
He likes to go to the right. Two to the right,
to the right, to the right! – As reckless as some
may think I am, my health is a priority. There are specific
health insurance benefits that, as a Native American,
I may qualify for. And depending on my income, I may be able to get
lower premium costs or qualify for Medicaid. There’s security
in knowing that, if I fall, someone has my back. I’m ready for the next ride,
and that’s a good feeling. – Don’t wait. – When you enroll
in health insurance… – Through the health insurance
marketplace… – You can get wellness…
– And preventive care… – And continue
to get services… – From Indian Health Service…
– Tribal Health… – And Urban Indian
Health Programs. – You may qualify for free…
– Or low cost coverage. – So don’t wait. – Enroll…
– Now. – [whispers] Enroll now. – Enroll now. – Visit [singing] – Was born a stray
up in the land of pine I left the pinewood
by the age of nine

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