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We always wished that life should be
like a smooth highway No bumps or pot holes to slow us down. But all we need is this tool kit and an extra tyre ready in the boot Don’t we, just in case. But somehow when it comes to our health which is so precious Why is it that we take it so easy? Like this friend of mine who came back from a vacation with a bad
infection. ten days in the hospital, a huge bill and out of work for a month. Bank balance gone down no income to make the matter worse. If only he had extra tyre ready in his boot. A small premium can save you and your
family a lot of trouble and financial problems. So please do get a good health plan These plans pay you when you’re unwell or hospitalized depending on the type
of policy you have. So you do not need to borrow from
someone or empty your bank account And unlike some other medical plans you
get a lump sum amount irrespective of how much your hospital bills are. If you plan well you can also get money to compensate for
your regular income you may lose when you are unwell and let’s
not forget about the 35,000 rupees tax benefits
that you can get with these plans. We all keep hearing that his health is wealth.
Don’t we. But with some smart planning, bad health may not always be bad for your wealth. Take a health plan from HDFC life. Bas smart bano aur Sar utha ke jiyo.

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