[ HD ] Copper Rounds: Part 1/5 – Copper Clones

* * To turn off my comments, disable the Captions (CC) * * Hello everyone. This video is a slight deviation from silver. The first of three is the Ron Paul round. I hope you caught how marvelous the workmanship
of that reverse side is. It wasn’t really showcased
when I reviewed the silver proof counterpart. But, somehow copper manages to do the job beautifully. During the course of a few videos and feedback,
there were mentions of copper rounds. So, I thought showcasing a few copper rounds that I have
is the next natural progression. This channel is of course first and foremost
gives tributes to silver. This second copper round is the exact clone of
Year of The Dragon from Provident Metals. The obverse is the same used in the chinese Pandas. However, the artist executed a slight creative liberty.
(Pause to see if you can spot it 😉 … ) That’s right … the plants on the steps.
Those aren’t on the Pandas. Infact, I couldn’t find any photos with plants on the tile steps. Anyway, on to the next … This is the Lakota round featuring Chief Crazy Horse. It’s also another good copper clone of the original. You see, there are light angles where I love
looking at copper rounds. They can give off firey glow, which unfortunately,
I wasn’t able to fully catch with this camera. Well, until next time …


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