HAUNTED UNDERGROUND of a Shopping Mall | Adelaide Arcade Paranormal Investigation

do you believe this place is haunted yes
I do wonder it’s been murder there’s been a couple of
underneath Adelaide Arcade because i Unfortunately a small child who does
Sydney but tu sort of vanished minimal you something that looks wispy coming
free yeah we have figures seen here the equipment goes off hi Cryptkeepers thank
you for tuning in to Amy’s Crypt, tonight i am headed into one of the most haunted
shopping arcades in Australia to investigate I’m also going to be heading
down underneath it into its underground section if you guys are interested in
exploring and investigating at the Adelaide Arcade for yourselves look up
Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons I’m going to link them below they do paranormal
investigations and a ghost tours you guys should also check out and follow
them on Facebook because they’re creating a lot of great content over
there but let’s get into the arcade the Adelaide Arcade dates back to 1885 and
today remains a boutique shopping destination the arcade shockingly brutal
history of death makes it an unlikely haunted location in 1887 the then
caretaker of the building francis Clooney was mangled and killed in the
arcades generator later in 1902 a toddler by the name of Sydney died
within the mall from inhaling excess amounts of coal gas finally in 1904 a
woman was murdered just out front of the notorious shopping destination many
people believe that each of these deaths could help explain why the adelaide
arcade is so haunted tonight we set out to investigate some
of the most active areas of the arcade these include the underground rooms
where child spirits have been heard and the area where Francis Clooney met
his dark fate okay so we just headed to the Adelaide Arcade right now and it is
probably not the type of arcade that you are thinking of you need to think of
this place more of a shopping mall so it’s actually very old it’s the oldest
shopping arcade in Australia and you’d think oh whoa just a bunch of shops why
would this be wanted but seriously guys when we get there any hear about the
hauntings and the stories and the true history of this place it’s gonna shock
you this place is very intense and very excited to highlight it on Amy’s Crypt all right guys I’m joined here by cog of
a delayed Haunted Horizons you guys might remember Kay from the National
Railway Museum and Z Ward and Kag works here the Adelaide Arcade a lot as
well sickening tell me a little bit about the history of this place and what
makes it interesting i’m well it was built in 1885 at the
boom time for adelaide and we’ve had things happen here so close to us but
murder there’s been a couple of horrific deaths as well also and it seems to
wonder if your particular saloon here’s the vehicle or take care taking it and
he died here in 1887 was two years after the ruling was built and unfortunately
of furniture generated these two Whitley electric light so I respect a man be
nice to make himself known to anybody that works here so any of the new
tenants he makes himself known he will knock things off the shelves um we’ve
had weird smells that they’re around the building as well he will start the game
conditioning up for you the help being asked chemical is that we all think one
like that yeah Tommy we’re definitely yeah I’m he has all sorts of things to
let you know that he’s around and also the security guards he actually knows
them all by name and if they’re not doing that probably not moving around
quickly you’ll poke them in the back Phillip them
moving a bit because so he’s still looking after the place right he is he’s
still around so it’s a cool I’ve got seen him yet though yeah hopefully in
his crossfire yeah and he’s not our only spirit at the arcade is he no he’s not
no we also have a child here that was Sydney
unfortunately he passed away he was three years old I miss a mum and dad
used to harbor a shop here and he unfortunately died through gas poisoning
so his mother was blamed for but we don’t think she was to blame we were
downstairs doing an investigation one night and we highly regulated in here
with this something called an EVP verse which is electronic voice phenomena
where we try and catch voices on digital recorders one of the ladies did ask a
question I’m about to play with some buttons on the side and he replies so
you might actually know now what happened – how about are this tearing
down here what kind of phenomena we’ve had people touched Provident poem
to my favorite timers in here that just before the tour came in I actually
walked around him and said looks anybody here tonight can you please please
please play with my group tonight and just try and freak them out the first
three people that walked in here when young made is the first one over hand
touched the second one had a top pulled down and the third one have a leg played
as well but yeah we have fingers seen here the equipment goes off and there’s
another place that you’ve had a few experiences oh the story of a story on
upstairs that’s really kind of that we’re not there yes we’ve had all sorts
of weird things happening here they’re mostly to do with the door it some
reason wants to lock myself from the security guard and the group in the room
and there’s no reason why the door should lock you can open it enough to
see this and nobody’s pulling the handle on the other side and but you just can’t
get it to it we’ve had to do something that I found
really difficult was actually to say who was they could you please release the
door which I found really strange to do yeah but that’s the only way we could
get the door to open so it’s actually open my mind
two different things different questions so it’s really interesting
yeah that was always close up to that sort of thing but now it happened to us
twice so now we don’t lock the door without close the door down the story exactly and if someone wants to come to
the adelaide arcade after hours and go store or maybe a bit of an investigation
and how can they go about doing that come on to our website i’ve been
compromising thank you or to our Facebook page
show us the book now and come and join us we do tours here back there before
tonight and we do investigations and we to 20 months highly recommend our guys
all right guys I’m now joined by Peter who is one of the security guards here
and I’ll a dark-eyed you tell me how long have you been working here for
approximately ten years I have many Wow do you believe this place is haunted
yes I do very much so even my first day I was here had an experience with the
alarm and probably a couple of months up with that I actually saw the bigger
process window-shopping I went to approach him to and show them the way
out but he’s sort of vanished a team of you and then I and I knew that
was him Wow disappear that’s amazing that
you’ve been here for so long Francis knows you by name you don’t so
apparently I was here now bathroom upstairs in the office and I was just
hoping to be washing my hands at the time and my name gets called out so I
actually responded and I see yes hang on a minute
and then it I sort of looked at their mirror and on you then that there was no
one else except for you say I like and I sort of freaked out a bit do you have
any other experiences that you’ve had here that have really stuck out to you
probably you know just sort of poked in the back only happens when I’m the
airline when I am the last person off the premises did not walk into my office
even now I sort of get goose bumps and ye rides on my head and I just walk in
there and I’ll say hello Frances and that’s it was pretty cool so these are
all right he’s friendly yeah it is friendly you know he loves playing jokes
especially electrical equipment and they’re not hand dryers perhaps lifts as
well you like scaring contractors on the side as well yeah that’s sort of freaked
out but thank you behind them and they’re working up in
the taking his name so you have had other people come to you and tell you
about their experiences or strange stories yes maybe people who actually
work here might start and all that actually the hills toilets are haunted
the last cubicle that could be made by themselves and they see a shadow walk
underneath the door and the hand drive will come on on its own and it’s it’s
stopped like this so they know that honey
indeed on that run yeah that’s truly strategies yeah well thank you for your
time that makes me really really excited to you best skater that Adelaide okay
it’s amazing locations see that’s a pleasure cheers thank you okay guys so
we’ve just made it underneath the adelaide arcade and this is what is
known as the Tiryns and I’m super excited because I’ve never been down
here myself I’ve never actually been able to get down yet but it was supposed
to be haunted I do just want to show you guys around though because there’s a
couple of areas that are interesting first being this staircase here and I
just think that this staircase is so pretty and kind of creepy you like how
the shadows move and stuff but this is how originally people would
have been able to descend into the tea rooms coming down
and that’s pretty much just the middle level of the arcade up there now if
you’re kind of like me and you’re like whoa what is a tearoom it was for like
the more wealthy well-to-do people to come down and enjoy their tea and coffee
in a super fancy place and one of the reasons you know that it was a super
fancy place down here on the wall gold there’s not too much left of it but
there is a fair bit and then another cool point interest just back here is a
little well so that would have supplied the water I bar Bennett so I kind of
spring in there so you can actually see the water there’s a couple of
interesting things had to happen down here in this area so we’re going to jump
right into our paranormal investigation alright guys so we’re just setting up to
start the investigation obviously I’m gonna go some capitals I’ve got one here
and then I’ve got a couple more down the staircase reason being if those things
get physically moved to the light up and we also have a REM pod here so that will
go off if anything gets close to it obviously we want to you know pick up if
anything is coming up or down the staircase we also have this do down here
which is periscope and that does static electricity and it can almost like
follow it around with these problem things here and our other thing that we
have with us in the corner find out what she’s been in a lot of my videos and
helped me with a lot of the haunts in Adelaide shirin’s Adelaide’s haunted
Horizons she’s great she’s just setting up the paranormal music box and you
practice and you showed us before so that place music if you should do anyway
there you go so if you break the field basically it’s
go so awesome thank you so you go there’s game coming in front of it yeah
I’ll still pick you up at that distance oh it will
yep just finding the right angle so it’s not bouncing up so I mean if anything
comes down these stairs we got em covered we gotta get alright guys we’ve just gone lights-out
and we’re going to start reaching out one thing I forgot to mention though as
we also have the Ovilus set up over here so if anything goes around that it’s
measures changes in its environment and that could correlate to a word in a
database and it could talk to us they could they could try and communicate and
say something which would be very very cool but we’re going to start reaching
out now there’s been a couple of deaths and suppose it horn teams here at the
arcade and one of them is a small child – Sydney and people you know it’s
believed that Sydney interacts with people in the Tea Room am i triggering
this okay boys the stairs oh that’s very cool people in the team room am i
triggering this thing boys the stairs that was when I was talking about Sydney
the small child here if Sydney is around can you come back towards that thing
that just leaves out if you can come back towards it again we might be able
to tell that you’re here we’ve just dropped by to say hello we’re
looking for someone friendly that we can talk to in the Tea Room down here if
there is anyone around you come and meet us come down the stairs come into the
old tea rooms we do have some devices on the staircase keep close to any of those
or even touch them we might be able to see that you are here with us Sydney if
you’re here remember the music my first brought the boxing
you make music a lot might even sing for years in a nursery rhyme I wouldn’t be too sure of that Sydney if
you want to hear me sing I will sing it for you but you have to do something for
me first can you walk in front of that music box
or that coming close to any of the other likes that we’ve laid out for you can you make a noise for us Sydney can
you tap on something maybe it’s not sticky that we have then you have
Francis I’m going to set this music box up for you really
so this thing just got caught this little band here wasn’t spinning the
mechanism for the music there we go alright so try it again alright so now
you know how this works can you come close to it if you stand in
front of it maybe um we can hear that it play some music again I think you’d
rather hear that music than my singing if anyone can hear my voice my name is
Amy and I was loved for you to come and join us down in the Tea Room we’re
looking for some people to keep us company especially if you’re a child I
would love to play some games we have some really cool things down here that
light up pretty colors did somebody come and join us on the
stake nice keep broad the skirts clean one shiny
boy it’s a penny on the little box on there that’s got the red top if you can
get that penny off there then you can keep it you can do what you like but
there you go buy some sweets somalis but you just need to be able to get it off
there first you try really hard say cheese just came out put everything alright whenever we bring
it every what if we sing you remember when we used to like we used to put
these caters you sing it I have been in for a long time so I think they still
sing it to you Sidney we used to see you like a diamond in the sky twinkle
twinkle little star how I wonder what you was my singing so bad that you don’t
want to come down here please don’t tell me that’s the case I would feel less bad about my singing
if you can like one of these lights up for us right now that green but you can
turn them out the colors if you come close to them oh thank you thank you
very much when it’s cold temperature right so you like close to that penny
are you going to grab it for for yourself it’s all yours we won’t judge you you want that
painting just a few more steps up maybe like the singing – it I think I’ve got that thing with it
you’ve been in the dot for a long time and the guys are just like making it
looks like a movement Pacific man it was I can’t see it when I look at it
but when I’m focused over here it’s more just something something that looks a
wispy coming free but you know when it was so dark that there’s not enough
sweat for your eyes to pick up on anything so it kind of looks like
everything so anything anyway it doesn’t look like anything in particular oh you felt like you could see something yeah so we mine was kind of like so just
so you guys I mean you just seeing what the camera sees and the camera has a
load I’ve been for bright lights on it right now so you can probably see this
room really crisp but we’re actually saying complete darkness besides a
couple of small LED lights that are around us so there is the tiniest little
bit of light that our eyes can pick up but I mean looking down into a dark room
with very minimal light it’s easy to see see things that are there but I wouldn’t
say it looked definite well I can even say if there is someone back there in
the back of the room you don’t have to hang out back there maybe come and join
us over here so guys it has been pretty interesting down here not only because
this is my first time in event in the adelaide arcade tea rooms and it’s just
a cool hidden gem in my own city of Adelaide but we did get a little bit of
activity we had to start at comida go off for no particular reason and then
after I saying nursery primary or so he had the air
pressure and the temperature drop on the staircase that was pretty interesting
the mist on camera but Jerry said that he said one of the page views light up
as well after we’ve been asking that that to happen now there’s a lot of
other places around the arcade to explore and so much gosu phenomena that
goes on here so I’m excited to get back upstairs also quite a lot of paranormal
activity is sent my head felt funny a man footsteps area
where he died oh oh poisoned that’s interesting he unfortunately died
through gas poisoning really really weird things I think it
just like not to me a bit that was weird probably the most active spirit here as
well you say one of our names thank you guys so much for watching I hope that
you enjoyed this episode if you did make sure that you are subscribed because I
have a part two video coming up very very soon if you did find this episode
interesting please make sure to LIKE comment share and subscribe that’ll
really helps me out you guys can do more reading on Adelaide Arcade or other
haunted places i visited over on amyscrypt.com and you can keep up with me
@amyscrypt on Facebook Twitter and Instagram thanks for watching Cryptkeepers until next time


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