Has Your Life Insurance Claim Been Denied?

Has your Life Insurance Claim been denied? Hello I’m Marc Whitehead a Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney The dispute of a Life Insurance claim can compound an already devastating event. Life insurance policies are purchased to protect and provide for our families by by taking care of the ones left behind. A denied claim is the last thing beneficiaries expect when they
are dealing with the death of an insured. Insurance companies have a staff of actuaries and accountants whose job it is
to calculate risk when they issue a life insurance policy. There advantage is secure from the start. However when an insurance company denies an insurance claim their profit is substantial. They’re counting on the fact that you will
not legally dispute the insurance denial. If the life insurance was purchased as part of an employee group benefits plan your claim can be further complicated by a federal law known
as ERISA or the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. ERISA provides insurance companies many ways to delay or
deny a valid life insurance claim. This profit instinctive has lead to tactics used by insurers
to delay or deny life insurance coverage with accusations of fraud or misrepresentation on the part of the policy holder. Often they will look for policy exclusions that would
theoretically allow them to deny the claim. It’s recommend that beneficiaries do not attempt to appeal these cases
without the help of qualified legal counsel. If an insurer has unjustly denied your claim on a valid policy We can help you dispute the insurance denial. Marc Whitehead and Associates is experienced in dealing with insurance companies both in and out of the court room in the fight
to appeal bad faith denials of insurance policies. If you have questions consult us for free by calling 1-800-562-9830 or visit www.disabilitydenials.com I’m Marc Whitehead, Thanks for watching!

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