Happy New Year from Milwaukees Best Premium Beer. A Review in 1 Movement

Seeing as I got a new beer Fridge, what better
way to help Christen it, than with the most premium of beers. So premium that Miller Brewing company felt
safe to put it on the fucking label. . This kind of beer that’s so good, that
after you’ve passed out on a friends couch drinking it, you dream about the best piss
you’ve ever had. Then after you wake up your friend no longer
invites you over anymore, and they make you post the Craigslist curb alert. So let’s do this. Let’s pour it in the fanciest of glasses. I get the most constructive feedback on this
section of the review, with those trying to help with my pours. That’s not the right glass, I believe there’s
too much foam, Are you sure that’s 45 degrees? The Beast regular, sorry premium is an American
Adjunct Style Lager, the same style of beer that Step Dads from the 80s drank and still
drink. Yeah it’s that good. Adjunct lagers are of course the common yellow
beer enjoying waning popularity all across America in scenic areas like St Louis, or
I guess Milwaukee. They usually pour a clear golden yellow with
foam that disappears in a few minutes, unless your buddy in 11th grade shook it up before
handing it to you, or how long the can was sitting in direct sunlight before opening
it. The smell. As the sweet soured corn smell washes down
my throat hole, for the sake of correctness-Milwaukees Best comes in three flavor uhh… profiles. The can with the word Premium on it, or the
regular style with 4.8% alcohol by volume. The somehow lighter version with 4.20 percentage
by volume, somewhere someone gives someone else a hive five… and the Ice version, usually
concealed by a paper bag, as you walk out of a Gas station at 1:30 am with bars over
the windows at a respectable 5.90 percentage alcohol by volume to really help you get in
the zone. Somehow at 2.11 out of 5 that’s the highest
rated one on beer advocate. The smell is a sweet soured corn. The taste, like anyone gives a fuck. The taste is like a sort of water down citrus
fruit drink, with zero citrus. Like apple juice if you added water and took
most of the flavor out of it. Mmm… sounds good! Malts, a corn taste, not a good corn taste,
but a corn taste, with a bit of a refreshing sour metallic after taste. Maybe that’s the hops- whose to say. No word on the particular type of metal, hopefully
only a mildly toxic one. It has a solid 1.87 out of maybe 100, from
805 reviews or awful rating from the Advocate of Beer. That just means 805 people can’t appreciate
a good cheap hangover, like you’ve been hit with a baseball bat in the head. Where else are you gonna get that headache
for 8.99 a 12 pack… I guess you could pay a dude outside that
gas station. Also isn’t a Beer Advaote any drunk in a
bar. Yeah, you’re not so fancy. Ok I think that about does it. Like subscribe comment, Patreon me, go get
drunk, thanks for watching.


The metallic tase is the Aluminum. Your red blood cells pick it up instead of iron (like the are supposed to) and carry it to your brain. This is thought to lead to Alzheimer’s, so you won’t always worry about it. I don’t care either way about myself. Getting old sucks so maybe it helps you adapt to getting older. Either way, Happy New Year! 🤪

Oh look at the time, its new years eve, better day drink in preperation to drinking tonight. But first, let me like this video.

Finally! Has been a hot minute since you did a quality beer review. Quality as in beer not review. Then again you did steel reserve not to long ago but it was kinda overshadowed by those advanced knife bro moves with the cold steel . Cooler reviews huh? Yeah no one's going to give you shit about that I'm sure…..

I drank beast light for a number of years . Same as Miller lite to me . Switched to Yeungling lager lt tho, and not turning back . Merica.

Pours into the glass… drinks from the can. Solid. Frickin. Gold. Happy New year, man. I know you made my old one better than it would have been otherwise.

Call me old fashion but I'd like these beer reviews a lot better if you were playing with something sharp and pointy… No, not your head but maybe a Bowie knife or at least some really sharp scissors!

I'm sober and I don't want to be! Dude you are funny and I love the beer reviews. I was drinking this shit before you were born and I don't know how people keep buying it. Gawd this stuff is awful! But it is cheap and better than Prestone strained through a coffee filter I guess. Great review! I guess if I can trust your judgement on the small stuff I could trust you on the big stuff too. Just got a Spyderco PM2 from the wife for Christmas, I too have a Spyderco problem.

This is definitely the best AKB beer review ever and probably the best review for any of the beers in this segment. I don't need to watch all of them. Beast Ice is family to me and this does it justice.

Was hoping for the champagne of beers for today but thanks for the stellar review nonetheless. Happy New Year. May you always have frothy nostrils.

Old Milwaukee versus Milwaukee's Best. Which one loses worse? I must admit that I haven't had either since college. In the '70s. For a quarter a cup. Or $2.50 for a very large pitcher. We didn't count beers back then. Just the number of trips to the urinal. Or on a good night, the number of times we puked. Yep, we were a very sexy bunch of guys back then

I watch the beer reviews for the nostril porn…dip it, dip it good, further, harder…ahhhh that's just right (this is in no way sarcastic).

People still drink degreaser? That is going to slosh prunes before cheese if this get into the bags next.
Keep going bro Mr. Klien rrots, roet, rights, rolls rotts roots got that bitch again. for you

Been a great many years since I last saw anyone stare so intently at The Beast with equal parts consternation and resignation. Suddenly I want to fight my friends and have an unrelenting hunger for Taco Bell. Happy new year brother Hanlen!

Bonus points if you consolidated all the warm, stale, leftover dregs (remaining in the dozens of cans of shitty gas station beer hastily discarded by your asshole friends after they got drunk on your Rochefort and Chimay Blue) into a stealth Starbucks mug in order to power up your last functional brain cell long enough to make it to the stash of Strawberritas in the back of the beer cave at your local Tiger Mart. Happy New Year!!

Milwaukee’s best? The Z hunter of beers.. This would be like reviewing fine cheeses and including an episode on the cheese squares that come in luncheables

Hey, its a step up from the white cans that just say BEER on them. You know, the ones with the burnt toast after taste. Mmmmmm good stuff! Happy New Year

The thing that stuck in my mind as you were putting the beers in the fridge was, "he really intends on drinking all 15 of these crappy beers." That's Advanced Commitment Bro.

Great review. This stuff is swill, almost as bad a hangover as Buttwiper.
Love the sarcasm, never change. Except underwear, cuz thats just gross.

Jesus Christ $8.99 for a 12 pack!? I pay $10 Canadian for a shitty six pack of colt fucking headache 45 here in the People's Republic of British Columbia China!

Lololololololololololololololololilolololokoolololololokokkokololololololololollolliolololololololololololololol fucking unreal 🍆

At first thought you was a pussy and I could stomp a mud hole in your mouthy ass and then stomp it dry…but you have proven me wrong….you are a bad mother fucker smoking pale mel n feasting with the beast…I tip my 5th of Old Crow to you sir.

Remind's me of penny pitcher night back in my college days. It was always either the beast or natty on tap. Pitcher please, hold the glass.

This is the worst beer I have ever had, even nade light is better than this bullshit. From now on I am going to spend the extra 2 or 3 dollars to get bud light, heinken or rolling rock

We used to pay $8.67 a case for Milwaukee's Best when I was in college, which is why we bought it. Not sure my point here, it's not as if spending half as much on this shit makes it taste twice as good…..or any good for that matter. Off topic….after watching your reviews of the Cold Steel Colossus and Spartan, I have a desire to purchase a ridiculous Cold Steel knife to use for camp cooking purposes. Which do you think would work best?….Spartan, Colossus, Raja, Espada, other? The Colossus seems to have the best kitchen knife blade style, but I suffer from budget constraints. The Spartan is on Amazon for $59 right now and that seems a good price. Thoughts? (In case it isn't clear, I know just enough about knives to be dangerous). Keep up the good job making great videos. Thank you for your time.

I usually describe the smell of Budweiser/Corona as a “skunk bear”. You may use this descriptor if you wish and I won’t sue you.

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