Happy Ending Microfiber Towel – Chemical Guys Premium Car Care

Today I’m gonna show you our brand new Happy Ending Towel. Here at Chemical Guys, our customers asked
us to make a new towel that uses the highest quality microfiber,
is extra plush, and guaranteed not to scratch the surface. We made this high end microfiber towel to
meet all those criteria and get the job done. This is the Happy Ending Towel. This is the fluffiest and plushest towel that
we’ve ever made. It’s guaranteed to not scratch the surface. You can use this on the most sensitive paints,
sensitive fabrics, and the most sensitive interiors without harming
the surface. As you notice, this towel is extra plush. This is the blue interior towel, and it’s
perfect for cleaning dashboards, seats, steering wheels, shift
knobs, and any type of interior surface. The towel is extremely plush and it feels
really soft in my hand. They are a 16”x 16” design, so you can easily fold it in fours for an
extra-plush cushion. This is extra plush and soft. You can easily fit your hand on it, and it’s
perfect for removing waxes, sealants, and it’s my favorite towel for removing quick
detail sprays, spray sealants, or spray waxes. These Happy Ending Towels are a laser-cut
edgeless design. We used industrial lasers to burn off the
edge for a super-straight, high-quality cut. This improves the rigidity of the towel and
makes it scratch-resistant. It’s not gonna scratch the surface, and it
has no edge that will get caught in doors or cracks. This blue one is for interior detailing, but we also made a red Happy Ending Towel
for exteriors. You have a bright vibrant towel to use on
any color vehicle. It’s super soft and uses a premium 70/30 blend. This is one of the highest quality microfibers
that we’ve ever made. It’s perfect for high-end detailing on sports
cars, custom show cars, or even on your daily driver. We designed this for customers who wanted
a towel that would not scratch the surface. I’m gonna wipe this Audi with some Hybrid V7, and I like using the Happy Ending Towel to
get a quick detail over any vehicle. You notice the Happy Ending Towel picks up
any dirt, fingerprints, and leaves a nice streak-free surface with
no imperfections, and with a nice easy glide. This 70/30 blend microfiber glides gently
over the surface and picks up debris without scratching the surface. You can use the red Happy Ending Towel for
the best results on exteriors. or the blue Happy Ending Towel for the best
results on interiors. This is a great microfiber towel to leave
in your car and wipe down any dirt or dust. It’s perfect for convertible owners who get
dirt and dust all over the dashboard! You can pick these up on our website: ChemicalGuys.com to get your Happy Ending Towel today for the
best results on any vehicle. Always remember: Have fun, stay clean, and keep on detailing.


I have a MF towel from your guys that is very similar to the blue one your showing and I hate it. It's way too plush and soft .. Every time I've tried buffing WAx off with it, it would drag and almost fall out of my hand.

You guys need to seriously rethink your naming strategy. Stripper interior scent, happy ending towels, etc. I am not uptight or anything, it just makes your brand look bad. I use your jetseal, and microfiber products of all sorts so I am no random guy. If it were my brand, I wouldnt use those names for products I want to sell to others. 

Hi there. I have some questions. i wanna open my own detailing bussines so i wanna know what kind of equipment do i need for it , and nearly how much it will cost for me to do that. The second question is . Do i need a steam cleaner or just extractor will be enough. Thanks

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