Grassley makes explosive claim on Strzok, Page ‘insurance policy’


These FBI Agents should be tried for high treason. This is a serious corruption of Agency's who tried to commit a coup against our way of government. These actions should be identified and accountability to those traitors needs to be carried through to the end.

Page was an Iranian Obama spy. She is Iranian. This is really bad. Obama was conspiring with North Korea and China.

Hahaha , just like the last IG report everyone will get off haha. Really does anybody believe the Uniparty will surrender. ha ha ha

Start building gallows on the WH lawn, to send a message. Be nice to see Comey, Brennan, etc. going around unconsciously massaging their necks

America had 2 years of mueller. Can't hurt to spend some time investigating these democrats. Why would anyone be fighting this if they have nothing to hide, just like the democrats have been stating for 2 long years. Shoe is on the other foot now.

I knew they were going to bring Strzok back. They will now go on with the real investigation, and it will not take 2.5 years.

Where r the subpoenas…should be in the dozens….someone needs to get to the bottom of all these white collar criminals

Comey, McCabe, Page, Strzok, et al, who ALL supported Crooked Hillary, would not permit Trump to remain in office. American election results and the voters be damned, they said.

Mr President Trump, stop barking, if you have the evidence, chop these people heads off…. end of story!!! He he he!

"S..t rolls down hill". I guess Obama was too busy smoking doobee in the rose garden rather than at daily security briefs.
Trump/Pence 2020
Pence/Candace Owens 2024
Trey Gowdy SCOTUS(now)

The stuff that trumpists in congress and the hate media are accusing these two of PALES in comparison to the stuff trump and his criminal gang were proven of doing and attempting to do in the mueller report. And that's just the unredacted sections.

Grassley knows they were leaking information, now do something about it Grassley, show these government officials, the LAW works the same for them. Americans are tired of corrupt officials getting zero justice.

This makes Watergate look like a couple of interns stealing pencils from the congressional supply closet.

Trump the liar and grifter in chief making sure he gets a nice fat donation from the NRA like the $30 million they gave him for his last campaign. Nothing here about Fox favourite judge Napolitano stating unequivocally than Trump is guilty of obstruction and nothing about Trump responding with "I do not recall" more than thirty times to questions he insisted on pre approving in advance.

It's more than a mere "claim!" It is well documented! You should follow Dan Bongino's podcast or YouTube channel. He brings the goods.

These two are only the outside leaves of a ROTTEN ONION. There is so much more to be discovered and fixed…IF it can be.

….they put their motives in text messages….STRZOK AND PAGE WERE GOING FOR THE JUGULAR ON PRESIDENT TRUMP.


…. I AM P I S S E D

Best part is coming, as all the rats rat each other out to save their own skin lol.
It'll be the best entertainment ever seen.
I may have to have my popcorn TRUCKED in. 😀

Only the Republicans would believe that two people bitching on email
amounts to an attempted coup d'etat.
There is no deep state. That's just a myth to explain away Republican incompetence.

Fox and the rest of the mainstream media act like they don't know that there was a coup attempt and they got caught. Good vs Evil which side are you on?

Strzoks community service after he does his jail time, should be a door greeter at Walmart. Very fitting for him. 🇺🇸

They can't let them get away with this. Everyone involved in this scandal needs to be put behind bars. No slaps on the wrist.

But Grassley and his group of idiots chos to do nothing about the Russian getting trump elected? But leave it to Fux It Up to push another conspiracy theory.

Remarkably the fact that currently there still exists Trumptards that still believe the load of 💩 he sold just means you absolutely have disconnected the moral and critical thinking portions of your brains..Congratulations Trumptards!

An example must be made to show what happens to corrupt, high ranking FBI officials that attempt a COUP against the United States government and constitutionally elected president. All it will take is a few minutes of "accidental" release of Peter Strzok into the general prison population. I predict he'll be tortured and dismembered before prison guards realize their "mistake." (I'm not making any threats of any kind; I'm merely making predictions.)

We caught 'em OK. – He's never failed, ever – to accuse his detractors for doing exactly what he's done himself. Think about that. If Fox pull the plug on him – and that's quite possible but likely to be gradual, he's gone. Watch for Hannity's comments in the next two weeks.

Trump and his minions on Fox and including the GOP try their best to shift the blame for all of Trumps corrupt actions on Hillary Clinton, Obama , Hillary's e-mails. They never look at the root cause that Trump is the problem.

It's all going to come crashing down… I cannot wait until all of this material is declassified and the public becomes aware of their treasonous acts. What's already public is so alarming it's hard to believe there aren't riots on streets demanding for their arrests.

Obviously all of this stuff is true. The difficulty I have when viewing America and it's legal joke of a system is coming to terms with the lack of integrity of those in charge of prosecuting and charging. Jeff Sessions is a case in point.

Peter Strzok is corrupt. He should be under investigation along with his girlfriend. One of them will roll over to save their own skin and the whole deck of cards will start to tumble.

While you’re at it, why not forgive all the mortgages on homes? You are already paying for illegal immigrants, free health care, education, monthly checks, rent assistance etc. free? You bozos need to realize nothing is free. What people get is not free but at no cost to them. We CITZEN TAXPAYERS are stuck with the bill. Affordable “Obama sounds like osama” care act is costing me an ADDITIONAL 2000 dollars a year. Affordable for who, I ask.

It will be interesting to see which "rat" will turn on the other "rats" first…My dollar is on Schiff… Rosenstein resigned "under his "Trump/Barr" deal….to expose those responsible for the plot to over throw Trump……and the FISA warrant…. He'll be given immunity….

Who is Grassley to talk about treachery? He is daring to question the Trump adminstration policy of tariffs and evoking the "danger" to the USMCA deal merely because the tariffs are harming trade and agriculture in Iowa. Does Grassley not have higher principles than the protection of a few farmers in Iowa? Grassley ("The Grass") should support the President, not his whingeing constituents.This man is no patriot.

I do not believe Strzok and Page meant an investigation by "insurance policy"…..I think they had something much darker , much more lethal ….I do not think they were referring to the Muellor investigation.

'Mistress' is the correct word to use with Lisa Page and married cheating Peter Strozk. Jail Strzok for treason. 'Lovers' and 'affair' could be between unmarried persons. 'Mistress' is with a married man.

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