Grand Theft Auto V(5) Premium Online Edition (PS4/Xbox One) Unboxing!!

hello guys welcome back to popngames once again
for another unboxing, today we are going to be doing the unboxing for grand theft auto
5 but this is not just a regular grand theft auto 5 that we unboxed last time
this is the premium online edition. this includes gta 5 gta online and the criminal enterprise starter pack. now this game is developed or
published by Rockstar Games and is rated M for Mature and from the front cover
you can see the three main characters here that you will be playing as in the
storyline, let’s go onto the spine from the spine you can see Xbox one holding
a gray background PS4 a black background with the logos
right there grand theft Auto 5 moving over to the top these two copies
are y-fold copy games and moving over to the back so for the back looks like
both these copies do show and say the same things I’ll be reading for you guys
from one copy so take a look at the scenes
it says the criminal enterprise starter pack the fastest way to jumpstart your
criminal empire and Grand Theft Auto online grand theft auto 5 when a young
street hustler a retired bank robber and a terrifying psychopath so he’s a street
hustler he’s a psychopath and he’s a retired bank robber in case you guys
don’t know and a terrifying psychopath lend themselves in trouble they must
pull off a series of dangerous heists to survive any? city in which they can trust
nobody least of all each other and below it
says gta online launch of criminal empire launch business ventures
from your Mays Bank West executive office research powerful weapons
technology from your underground gun running bunker and use your
counterfeit cash factory to start a lucrative counterfeiting operation a fleet of
powerful vehicles tear through the streets with a range of
10 high-performance vehicles including a super car motorcycles the weaponized
dune FAV a helicopter a rally car and more you’ll get a well you’ll get
properties including a ten-car garage to start your growing fleet weapons
clothing and tattoos you’ll also get access to
compact grenade launcher marksman rifle and a compact rifle along with stunt
racing outfits biker tattoos and more plus GTA million dollar bonus cash to
spend in GTA online all right which one are we looking at we are
looking at the ps4 copy so for the specs for the ps4 copy is going to be
single-player 2-30 network players 59 gigabytes minimum online play is
optional and Dualshock 4 now for the Xbox one that’s gonna be Xbox single
player xbox live 2-30 and the fine specs is 59 gigabytes so it’s gonna be
the same thing for the ps4 and Xbox one now the reason why this game is
rated M for Mature if you guys don’t know gta intense violence
blood and gore and nudity mature humor strong language strong sexual
content and use of drugs and alcohol alright so let’s pop these open and see
what we get inside all right let’s start off with the ps4
copy, you pop it open piece of papers on left Grand Theft Auto 5 game discs on
right it looks like the same thing as the regular Grand Theft Auto 5 disc it’s
not any different something behind the front cover art says Vinewood it’s
alternative cover art I slide this one back in and we’ll take a quick glimpse
at pieces of papers see how it’s different from the standard gta
5, so right off the bat something different it’s going to be the criminal
enterprise starter pack flip around get the DLC doesn’t really say an
expiration date so slide that back in and then these two come with the
standard GTA 5 it’s just gonna be like a manual ok it’s a 5 page manual here’s the backside
and here’s the map there we go and it’s the back side it’s sideways but just
think about it to be a portrait all right let me fold this back up shoot how
was it like this yeah there we go
let’s slide this back in I think we already got a zoom in of the gta5 game disc but
let’s do it again and move on to the Xbox one copy, pop it open game disc
on left piece of papers on right and behind front cover art it’s gonna
be the alternative cover art just like the ps4 copy I slide it back in get a
quick glimpse at the pieces of papers first piece of paper is gonna be the manual quick glimpse where’s that code okay I
think the only thing different maybe maybe we got a defective product where
they just didn’t include the code paper but this is typically how your
standard GTA 5 inside looks like besides the front cover art I don’t think we
have to take a look at the map again because if you already looked at it so
I’ll just slide that back in but it’s a little bit upsetting to know that we
don’t get a piece of paper for the Xbox one copy maybe we’ll get it for another copy but for the copy that we have we do not, so with that shown and said
that pretty much wraps up the unboxing for GTA 5 or grand theft auto 5 for the
ps4 Xbox one these are the premium online edition I hope you guys enjoyed
the unboxing has always thanks for staying in tune with us popngames
for unboxings don’t forget to leave a like comment subscribe thank you bye bye


I always wondered, what do you guys do with the game copies you open? Do you just sell them at a discounted price or how does it work?

Xbox one version supposed to have the DLC card. Apparently it might’ve just been an error on manufacturers part.

Sooo isnt anyone sick of gta 5? This game came out in 2013. Yeah its gotten old, sooo stop supporting it, and its online crap so that rockstar sees a need to make a gta 6..hint…fucking…hint…ya feel me? I know its crazy…but i want a gta 6. Fuck gta 5…its 5 yrs old get over it. I have moved on like 2 fuckin yrs ago… you all should too.

If I get premium online edition will I get gta online for free? Without ps plus? And will I always have the online gta? If I get that bundle?

they are so hungry for money its getting ridicules
I thought that dlc was free?
2013 xbox 360 and ps3 get gta5 and then a month later gta 5 online
2015 gta 5 comes out on pc
2016 gta 5 comes out for xbox 1 and ps4
2017 tons of updates and then they stop making updates for gta5 old gen so everyone pays £30+ for the same game just made with better graphics
2018 gta5 premium online edition (I thought they would include what collectors and special edition got for online and story mode because people were upset about not been able to get it)
sadly I stopped playing gta5 because it just got stupid with each update to come out like I brought a hydra and the other vehicles but that was because of modders but I was just about to buy gta5 for xbox 1 but they kept bring out more dlcs and the more I just got fed up with it because people would pay to win and get the new stuff and just kill everyone with it (just like with the armoured cars you got and people would try and shoot or kill you with rockets and it would end up killing them

I really don't mind you block the code, but at least show me the expiry date, I'll very very appreciated it, so I can buy the game as fast as positive before the dlc code got expired

I bought the premium online edition from the PlayStation store but I didn’t get the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack

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