Get Ready With Me || Concert of My Lifetime

Hi! Welcome to Delicate Dark Girllll~
I’m not sure about…this angle..umm Like, how close you have to be~ because *exhausted
exhales* Long story short. Whatever. So, Today, I’m going to~ *sing-song voice*
another concerrrt~ *claps* Guess who it is? It’s an artist I have loved since I was… 9? Years old? He came out with the first album-it was ’96
when Urban Hang Suite came out (?) And now that I’ve said the title name, if
you’re a fan as well you must know.. who it is. It’s Maxwelllllll~! I’m gonna see Maxwell today. And… I’m going to—wear makeup. ‘cause at first I wasn’t gonna wear makeup
(?) But then I was like, ‘I feel like wearing
makeup’—so I’m gonna wear makeup. The concept…. Usually when I do a GRWM there isn’
much a concept as there is, like, a fee~ling~ But today’s concept *clap hands together*
is gonna be the girls in his music videos. *lightly amused laughter for no real reason*
So they all kinda have the same.look. right? Like—
Like, clear, healthy looking skin. And like, NO eyebrows. And then like, some sort of point. lip—that’s like the—like, a pop. Like it’s a—the lip that like—pops on
the face (?) So that’s what we’re going to do today. And yesterday I went on a foundation spree. At…I’ll start at Target. Mm~! This is part haul, part Get Ready With Me. Hm!hm!*amused*
So at was on sale again, so I could finally get it. Um, it’s the Haley’s….. ……
Eh~eh~ *noises to make the camera lens focus* Foundation. So it’s the Reset Liquid Matte Foundation. [There]’s 1 fluid ounce. And I got 10.25 Cool. And it’s by Haley’s Beauty. Oh! Made is US! And Imported parts. Hm. So I don’t know which parts are imported
parts, but the…foundation is… apparently made in the USA (!)
That’s cool. Umm. And so that was at Target. But then I also—I really wanted to get the
Elf—one of the palettes (?) the eyeshadow palettes they had (?)
Buuut, I’ll just get it later.. So instead I got a jelly highlighter. Because I really wanted to try, like…a cream
highlighter.. *taps bottle twice*
Especially for this look– *practically throws it onto the wood dresser
@#$%* Since I need to have, like, glowing skin. And so then~ I’m—at—that was Target—
Then I went to Sephora and I ALSO wanted to—make a palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. You can make, like a four-pan palette there… Aaannnd~
Then I just left it behind. Then~ I was gonna get some single shadows
from Pat McGrath~. Then I left that-
And then I was gonna get her newest MOTHERSHIP [VI : Midnight Sun]…. I have to order that online because I went
to sleep and couldn’t stop thinking about it. So I.. got two foundations at Sephora. And~ one was the Pat Mcgrath foundation. mm. So~ this is the Pat McGrath Lab Skin Fetish:
Sublime Perfection Foundation. I got it in Deep 33. *heavy [email protected]$ bottle thuds lol*
And then~ I finally got a Fenty Beauty. I got the newest(!) one. Which is the Hydrating Long wearing foundation. Pro-filter. And this is in 480. *swallows a sigh* *smacks mouth*
The lady~…insisted I was 480.. And my sister came in there and said I was
480— But then we got it home~ and we put it on…part
of my face, and she was like ‘*inhales* you can always take it back.’ And I was like ‘I told ya’ll I wasn’t
480.’ I knew the lady wasn’t gonna—i—she was
trying her darndest(!) I’m not gonna fault her like she was being
flippant. She—she gave me like four different swatches
and I was really undecided between, uh, 470 and 460. They’re two different undertones, definitely. And, uhhh… In general (!) I feel like 460 was me playing
it safe, but 470 was probably a little better (?!)
It’s like, deep enough, but the undertone’s a little different ?
Anyway. Um… She was trying her darndest. And she was saying 480 was betterrr~
But then I—when she left—I was like ‘ I think I’m gonna switch this to get 460~~’
Buuuut~`*smacks teeth*Tch! It was too late (!)
Anyway. So. I really wanna do this Haley’s one though. This is a Matte Foundation, and this is Hydrating,
and then…the Pat McGrath Labs…. It just says it’s skin perfection. [reading off box] weightless texture, sublime
SATIN finish… I think I actually need to have satin finish.. Anyway. *sucks in air through teeth and exhales*
I don’t know which one to uuuuse~~ Oh yeah! Then I got some free samples—oh! My points got me a Tatcha ..thing? Well they got me some choices and I let my
sister pick ‘cause I didn’t know what to get ‘cause I didn’t care. And~ she picked a Tatcha cream (?) and I was
like, ‘ohh…maybe I should’ve *laughs* maybe I should’ve took those samples [misspoke:
POINTS]— Anyway, I got this Boscia. Made in USA! Oh, neat! Boscia is made in the US, so I wanna give
them a try. Mmm? La Jolla? I think, would color. Skin perfecting BB cream. I’ll give them a try. Okay. Well, while I decide let’s do skin care. So I have toner and serum on my face. … And right now, I have been really into double moisturizing. That’s been, doin good for me. And what I use to double moisturize are two
that, I have shown on here before, and you’ve seen before. Also! It’s September! It’s actually the end of September [the
21st]. And..I know my new schedule says that I don’t
upload on the last week *sniffles*..of the month. But. There’s gonna be a special upload ‘cause
I have to do my favorites of the year (!) Hm! So let’s start with moisturize nourishing
cream. By Innisfree. It’s the nourishing cream with Canola Honey. When I first got it—I really liked it—when
I first got it I thought it was a little…tooo~ thick (?)… Kojak is on tv. *in the midst of closing the product box*
Her husband’s the killer.. *laughs at the classic plotline*
I remember hearing about this show but I didn’t really watch it. *suddenly very absorbed in the show* *smacks mouth in disbelief* She said ‘you killed him’— Then you shouldn’ta killed ya husband! What?! *at the end of a scoff* Can’t you make— She’s like, ‘I killed the man! That’s the kind of woman I am. Can’t you make allowances for that?’ and
it’s like— Is he really goin’a…. I knew she was… This is like Femme Fatale. And this cream…..*can’t focus* Woooo~! He got it all on tape, boi(!)
*remembers the camera lens isn’t simply a mirror*
And the second cream is my precious ELF nourishing night cream. This is a new, thingamajig. I ran out of my other’s like an
emergency. *laughs* Now we’re all~~.. Toner-ed and moisturized. Mmm~~~ mm!
*slaps face* Yeah! Uuummm…take it down your neck. And put it on your hands. Pffft! I didn’t decide at all! We’re just gonna wear Haley’s and see
how it works. Why not. Doing new things. Tryin new things. I’m really excited about this concert just
because I’m such a big FAN of Maxwell~ But(!) umm…I’m also nervous.. Why can’t I get this open? Ahh~ there we go. Ohh! I should do my eyebrows first. I forgot a mirrorrrrr~(!) *gasps* I should put PRImerr onnn~ Gurl~…. I am all over the place. Well, see ‘cause we’re doin eyebrows,
right? But they have to be barely there. *laughs*
You know what I mean? Because…you know…
Maxwell land. They need to be barely there or just like,
reaaallly thin. Like down back here but kinda thick up here
like— And I don’t know if this was because of
the times~~? ‘Cause when he came out it was mid to late
90s, early 2000s— That’s when he was active before he DIS.APPEARED.
on us for ten years. *smacks mouth* er- almost ten years. What was it? Like 8? Or something like—how long was it? It was a while ‘cause the last album-it
was 2001 when ‘Now’ came out and then—he d—he just…would not make another album.*laughs*
And then BLACK Summer’s Night came out. It was like 2010. 2009? 2010? We thought we’d never get an album again~
And then we waited…..some more and got SUMMER’s [of BLACKSUMMERSNIGHT Trilogy]
And now it’s happening againnn~ *in a falsetto and passive aggressively calm
voice* It’s okaaay~ we’ll wait~ *back to regular pitch* and waitt~ and wait~
and wait and— *while exhaling* Okay~
So, we’re goin’a do our eyebrows..and I need to concentrate. Should I angle them like early 2000s eyebrows? Or should I just…do my eyebrows and then
make them nude? I think I’m gonna just do my eyebrows and
make them more nude. Sooo~just gonna… I’m just gonna draw them in with my little
ELF pencil here. I actually like the NYX pencil~
This one is good for keeping eyebrows ss—like, neutral because it’s, like, so gray in tone. I wanna try another color, I wanna see what
the—how the black will work out, ‘cause this was brown ~
But I like how neutral it keeps the eyebrows. It really just washes them out. The gray helps wash them out. But not in a…mm..i don’t know. not in, like, a way I don’t like. *throat laughter*
Anyway. So we’re just gonna use this ‘Dark Cocoa’,
from the TotalTemptation~ on the brows~ Especially the back end~
Just use it like a brow gel… or a brow mascara, really.. They’re not as brown as I want them to be… But… they’re angled, the way I…wanted
them to be so.. We’ll just leave that..for now. Okay. So. What I’m gonna do now, is like, conceal~~~
*laughs for no reason* First, I’m gonna put on this Smashbox primer. I knowww~ what you’re thinking~
You probably are like, ‘what a phony! You said you hate it!’ I know I did~. I hated it because I didn’t know what I
was talking about (!) Simple! Point blank. Period. ‘Cause now I’ve given it a chance… I pride myself in giving things chances, and
I gave it three open-minded chances… and it has won me over—I don’t want it
to disappoint me now, though. It’s still balls up. And I still don’t like that. But…you know sometimes you can overlook
things.. You can overlook things for the bigger picture. Like, minor things. And that’s a minor thing. It balls up, but when you put your makeup
on it’s… it goes away. We’re gonna conceal~
Conceal a little more with the Pro conceal…that I used to do my eyebrows. Even though it’s a bit greyishhhh….~
I don’t know if this is a mista~ke (?) or not … Also…I’m like *clears throat* kinda over having a sponge like this… I think I’m gonna use…like, a daily sponge
(?)— Like, you know how people sell those…big
pack of sponges… That you can use it and then… throw it away. Because the material they make the sponge
with is, like, biodegradable and everything. I think I’ll be doing that. Or~! Just have a bag of them and then wash them
all at once— Like use ‘em. Put it aside. Use it, put it aside. And then…wash them all at once. Let them dry, and then I’ll have another
cycle of sponges ready to go. So I don’t have to use the same sponge..everyday
(?) Mmm..(?) Now it’s time for Haley’s~ (!)
Woo hoo hooo~ I just use three little swipes here to see… mnnn.. ‘Up All Night’ [by Coop +Daisy]
*spraying while still absorbed in old detective shows on TV* Hmm~ it seems nice so far… It feels….really comfortable—
‘cause I—it’s actually lighter than I thought, like, light-more—like lightweight. In feeling. I thought it would feel heavier. ‘Cause of the way it felt… when I was
putting it on my finger, but… It’s not so bad.. Mm~(!) I really like that. Mm! Ah~Ahhh~!
mmMM! *squealing* Ahhh! Mmmm~
So (!) it gave me a really smooth—I like that. Mm~ heeey *closed mouth laughter* hmhmhmhmhm
(!)— I’m actually very hungry. So~ my skin’s got like a nice little…hydrated
appeal. It’s looking really smoooth~ really cuute~
*more satisfied stifled laughter* Moving on! So~Since my eyes are supposed to be, technically,
simple but IIII~ wanna wear shimmer. What I’m gonna do is just put a light..shimmer
wash all over the eye. After I put a matte base. So we’re gonna use the Warrior 2 and the
Saharan 2. [by Juvia’s Place] *products clacking all over the place*
*humming a Maxwell song* mmhhhhhhuuhuu mee~ *singing the same Maxwell song* I~ still believe~ I also—I always wonder what..they’re gonna sing? Because it’s a not—a no phone event. He said that no phones are allowed umm… Ahh~
So t—hold on. Before we do the eyes I’ll just finish with
the face. ‘cause I said I was gonna highlight. which I haven’t done in a very long time. But, today is a special day~~~ hmhmhm—
So we’ll just add a little more highlight, under the eyes with ‘Dark Cocoa’ from
Wet N Wild. I actually wanna us—I wanna buy something
else, but since I haven’t done this in a long time.. I haven’t gotten around to it. Lo—That foundation really….is nice.. So I’m mixing ‘Yodit’ and ‘Kufuru’. *in a whisper* Tah-da-tadah… Go under the eyebrow~. Always set under there~. With just the ‘Yodit’. Because it’s a lighter nude. And then mix it with ‘Kufuru’ to go on
the eye~ to make it more nude to, like, ME. And do the same with the other eye(!) Then we’ll take some ‘Yodit’ into this
part here. Just to open it up so that it’s not so…stuffy. Hmm~ hmm~ hm! Kay. Loo~king goooerd! And now~ we’ll take this other brush—you
know, I really love my ecostools [misspoke:EcoTools no ‘s’ lol] brushes. Not because…they were my first brushes. And not because they were a gift. But because they really are just so~ versatile
and useful. These are the two that my sister got me when
I first started this channel. They were double-ended which I LOVE about
them. And I’ve just found a use for them al—every
time. So now! For the shimmer that we’re putting all over
the lid. I think it should either be ‘Yaa’ or… ‘Sheba’. ….
‘Cause I’m thinking about the lip color that I wanna do…’Yaa’ will be better. *very loud birds outside the window make an
audio cameo* That’s pretty isn’t it? So now~ we’re gonna do the eyeline. And then we’ll get back to that in a minute,
‘cause we’re not ACTually~ done~ They always have a substantial eyeline. Like, the eyeline was substantial. CLEARLY black. So we’re gonna use this Nicka K Bold eyeliner. And then we’re gonna go over it with the
Black Radiance waterproof. In our standard eyeline ways. I think I’m jus’ gonna tightline… the
whole eye. Including the bottom line which I haven’t
done in a while. Sooo~
For the top line, I’m just using the Innisfree M[40] for matte. I said—I kept saying blushes in my last
video, when I was talking about these…they’re eyeshadows. Done. Mhmhm!
*faux laughter* mhmhm-hahahahaha! Hehehm~ hahaha~
…. This one’s too long. There’s uhh..nothing we can do about that
now.. It’s two different eyelines. Every time. Today we’re gonna use the ‘Fetish’ [by
Pat McGrath] eyeline [misspoken word #543: mascara!]. *gasps*
ahhAAHHH! I got makeup on my new sheeeeets-ah!
*suck teeth* *annoyed exhale* This mascara gives, like, a really, like— cha cha cha cha! Kind of lash. It also straightens out…the—my lashes
in a way (?) Without me going over top of them. And sometimes I want that and sometimes I
don’t. Like, I—my lashes are really curly, so I
just like them slightly uncurled (?)… Ummm… but still with a bend. I don’t like them all the way uncurled and
sometimes it uncurls them a little too much (?)
But it holds—whatever it does, it holds it there(!) And I think that’s mostly because of the
barrel and the way I put it on. I put it on like *that*, I don’t put it
on like *that*… I’m using this right now to shape it before
it completely dries. And to spread them juuuu~st a bit. To separate them a little… Now~ lately I’ve been pairing it with the
[MILK] Kush. But today I’m just going to leave them like
that. But basically, the makeup’s done now. Here’s the lip I’m gonna wear. I would put it on now, but I’m gonna eat. *smacks mouth*
So. it’s gonna be the Juvia’s Place ‘Ditu’,
and the Juvia’s Place ‘Yoko’. Both the metallics. *click clack*
I’m gonna wear that because all their lips were, like, kinda shiny. So. Mhm~
I’m gonna put the blush on now so you can at least–*drops lipsticks, fake cries* So you can at least see that. So it’s gonna be the Innisfree Blusher #3. Riiight under the eye~ I actually like that. I was gonna layer it with the Juvia’s Place
(?) But I like this coloring. There. Ooh. That’s pretty. Okay. *claps case closed loudly* Just that. Now. I’m gonna add just a li~ttle bit more of
the ‘Yaa’ on my lid. And we’re gonna call it a daa~y. And I’ll show you guys the makeup outside~ with the lip on and all that stuff when I leave. Kay? I put some on the inner corner as well. My Maxwell video girl face. Kind of? See ya. This is Haley(?)—This is Haley is a different
light. Isn’t it…perfect (?)… I still have to put the lip on and I still have to eat but… Oh my gooooddd~

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