GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE – the uncomplicated insurance for foreign students in Germany

You’re going to study in Germany? So am I! I just wasn’t really sure what I needed
to organize. Luckily a friend told me about That’s where I learned everything I needed
to know before the lectures started. For example, I’m arriving in Germany before
starting my studies. But how could I know if my current health
insurance fulfills the requirements for my study in Germany? And if not, do I have to get private or the
German mandatory health insurance? Is there an insurance solution which covers
the entire period? Which health insurance is officially recognized
by the German authorities? How old must I be to qualify for a German
student health insurance? And what about my family, are they also insured? has the
answers to all those questions and more! This is a joint venture between DR-WALTER, one of the largest German experts
in the field of travel insurance, X- patrio , a company recognized by the embassies
and the Foreign Office, which takes care of the smooth online consultation and the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), Germany’s largest
statutory health insurance preferred by local students nationwide. So three experienced and trustworthy companies. OK – so what do I need? Each student comes to Germany from a different
situation. Some might arrive a week before the first
lecture, others might arrive two months before the Uni Semester starts. One might already have insurance, others might
have nothing organized. There hasn’t been one place to find all
the information you need. Until now! The main advantage of GERMAN STUDENT INSURANCE
is that you don’t have to dive deep into the subject of “insurance”. That’s why we specially developed this online
consulting tool – so you will always get the right health insurance with the optimal
price-to-performance ratio – which, of course, meets all the necessary requirements. Very simple and straightforward. You can even get everything organized online
before you leave your home country! What’s more – the transition from the
private travel health insurance system to the statutory health insurance
all works automatically in the background. So you can concentrate entirely on your studies. What’s my next step? Click on the “consulting tool” at,
answer a few simple questions and you will get your individual
recommendation. If you still have any questions, you can contact
DR-WALTER, TK, or X-PATRIO. Good luck with your studies!

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