GarageKeeper Insurance Explained

hi my name is Krystal Jackson Vice
President of Barbee Jackson Insurance and i’m here today to talk to you about
garagekeepers insurance what is garagekeepers insurance in the
simplest form it is coverage for your customers items in your care custody and
control this could be a motorcycle and
automobile an RV or any other type of recreational vehicle you want to make
sure that if the vehicle is damaged while you are responsible for it that
you will not only protect your customer but also your business and your
reputation there are three types of garagekeepers
coverage direct primary direct access and legal liability direct primary will
simply say that regardless of the cause of loss well in your care custody and
control your policy will pay to repair your customers vehicle regardless of the possible loss direct
access says if you are not negligent i.e. a hurricane comes through and damages
the vehicle for example then your customers in terms of pay first put
yours would be access to that the third and final coverage is legal liability this would be the least expensive
coverage and would only pay for damages where you are legally liable I e you have been negligent in some way
such as you scratch the vehicle while driving it or were involved in an
at-fault accident that sums up garagekeepers insurance for more details or
other questions please give us a call at (850) 389-2001

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