I’m only 2 hours into watching this and the more I listen to the more upsetting this becomes. My question is isn’t there someone above Schiff to stop this hearing and pull Schiff out, end this sham and get our men and women back in office so they can do their jobs!?!? We are in a critical situation that needs attention! Please stop this game and get back to work on more important and meaningful situations????

So, Bloomberg procuring his appointment as 'practiced corruption' should'nt 'be suffered to escape punishment, by repeating his guilt'?

Rooting out corruption in the Senate and Congress is the president's job.
And as far as the president offering military security for Intel isn't that what is called negotiating and the same thing treaties do.
Hell congressman and senators illegally use the NSA and the CIA to spy on Americans isn't that treasonous.
The Democrats colluded with Mexico and south America for the bushes, Clinton's and Obama's elections by allowing illegal foreign Nationals to vote legally our past 4 president's were illegally elected to the office.
Every congressman and senator are the ones who should be on trial and removed from office not Trump.
Every congressman and senator have committed treason by Waring against the Constitution of the United States of America.

Not but 71k views. Funny those Q reports gets 2x the views in just a couple of hours. America doesn't care about the democrat lies anymore. But the senate hearings will be where the action will be.

And we wonder why our country is in this shape. Look at the what is teaching our younger generation. It is only going to get worse, sad to say.
FYI: all the money given to those running for office is nontaxable. Think about that next time you give your taxed dollars to someone who doesn't have to claim it.

Jesus, I’m sick and tired of hearing every Dem saying, “no one is above the law.” My god, come up with something original to say. They all just sound like robots. No individual thought between any of them.

I"m so scared, this is not the America that made me proud to be part of it. The hatred of these useless ones towards the man who has given back the greatness and respect to their country can't be more obvious

Thank you traitors in the Demon Party for helping the president be reelected with an overwhelming majority of patriotic and decent Americans

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