From The Editors | Episode 25

Charles said, “You’ve got to figure out what
you need.” If you need it, be it. If you need encouragement, encourage somebody. If you are feeling hopeless, give somebody
else hope. And it may not be in how they pour back into
you, but the activity and the process of encouraging somebody else will bring you encouragement. So what’s something that you have felt that
you’ve needed in your life that you’ve had the first give? I think clarity, and purpose and clarity in
purpose. It’s kind of like a two part like, you want
people to have clarity. You want people to have purpose, but you ultimately
want people to have a lot of clarity on their purpose. And that’s something that I’ve struggled with
is figuring out like, what my purpose is and getting more clear on the things that I’m
supposed to be doing. But by taking other people through that process,
it’s made my purpose become a lot more clear. Which is like a really, weird, roundabout
way of saying this. But it’s like, I discovered that part of my
purpose is helping other people discover their purpose. And part of me becoming more clear was helping
other people become more clear on their purpose. Because that is actually my purpose. And so that’s, you know, one example. I think another example, would be, you know,
quite simply just success. And, you know, fulfillment, that with what
I’m doing in training. You know, my goal is for me to go out and
train this person to be able to have the same story that I had. But the second part to that is if they do
that, and they have success, it’s going to make me successful as well. And so it’s that old quote, “Help enough people
get what they want, you’ll have everything you want.” That is that kind of self fulfilling prophecy
of if I can help other people become successful, then there’s no possible way that I won’t
be successful. And so in order for me to be successful, I
have to pour that into other people first. Because really, that’s what the fulfillment
comes, is in helping other people get what they want, that you’ll have everything you
want. And so I think that’s probably the most tangible
thing that I could say.

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