From The Editors | Episode 24

I was so focused for so long on this idea
of the law of attraction and just, like, fleeing from negativity, that I just didn’t want to
buy negative things like if all of a sudden you’re like, “Hey man, let me, I really need
to talk to you about some stuff.” And all of a sudden it’s like, bunch of frickin’
negative stuff, like part of me like literally was like teaching myself to like, completely
disregard that. Because like, I don’t want that I don’t need,
I don’t need that energy. Like I don’t need that negative energy in
my life. Like I’m trying to focus on only things that
are positive and keep moving forward. And so I think a lot of it is like it’s basically
it’s like kind of destroying that idea of saying like there’s, there’s there’s certain
areas where dealing with negative thoughts and dealing with these, the negative emotions
and obviously, these conversations tend to lean towards talking about negative emotions,
but they can be the other way as well. But it’s almost making it like okay, like
to have those conversations as though somehow you can actually have something positive come
out of talking about some negative. Where do you draw the line of like, all right,
I’m gonna stop having all this negativity in my life but also allowing people to be
vulnerable? So think the difference is in the intent to
solve, or the intent to dwell. Because a lot of people, they love to talk
about the issues that they’re going through for the sake of talking about the issues that
they’re going through. I literally think that there’s a massive population
of people that they love being in the negative place that they’re in. And when I say that, people that are in that
place like, “Oh, I don’t love it, I hate it. Let me tell you more about how bad it is.” Like, but it’s like that just becomes who
they are. It’s almost like this, Andy Friscella was
talking about this recently on his new podcast. It’s almost like people are like, “Oh, you
think you got a bad let me let me tell you how bad I got it.” It’s like, yeah, like my bet my life’s worse
than yours because I got this and this and this. But if the intent behind, you know, those
more transparent conversations is like, “Hey, I’m going through some stuff.” It should be leading towards like a solution. And here’s the things that I’m starting to
do within that conversation can go back and forth towards ultimately helping them get
out of that negative space. It’s the people that just want to live in
that negative space that I can’t, I can’t be around. But everyone’s got negative stuff going on. And I’m not saying I don’t want to hear about
it, if I can help. But you have to be in a place in your life
where you’re wanting help and that you’re wanting to get better and that you’re wanting
to get out of those negative situations. Or you’re just going to live there. And I think there are a lot of people that
are just comfortable living in the negative because they don’t want to put in the work
to make it you know, positive.

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