Former New York Times editor rips Trump coverage as biased


objective morality is anti trump.

saying anything other than anti trump is anti news and anti intellectual.

to avoid something true simply because it upsets people that believe lies, doesn’t mean you should stop

How can he logically disagree with "enemy of the people" after everything he just said?
The media has long abandoned integrity.
A malicious and untrustworthy person is not your friend.
Do the math.

OMG …this changes everything. This is a bigger story than Trump meeting former SOVIETS in secret meeting in TRUMP TOWER.
FOX NEWS what an asset.

Maggie Haberman is a confirmed mouth piece for the deep state. Please see Andrew McCabe and strozk/Page texts where Haberman is specifically mentioned as their go-to writer for writing false stories about potus!! And potus says that “fake news is the enemy of the people” so stop mis-quoting him please. He never said that media is the enemy. You morons. It’s just commons sense that fake news is out enemy. Bc we don’t ever get the truth. They mislead the public to shape the narrative about situations and it misinforms people and they vote with the info that fake news provides. So yes. Fake news is the enemy of the truth and thus the enemy of the people. And I hope they get crushed.

It's really shocking she had the guts to admit that (although she doesn't work there anymore) Refreshing … I wish they would all come to their senses.

NY Times suggest banks monitor clients gun & ammo purchases to prevent that card holder from buying “too much” of either. The media is silent (12-25-18)

Soooo funny hearing these clowns use our lingo incorrectly hahahahaha. ''Woke staffers'' lol. If they were ''woke'' they would't be working at one of the biggest enemy bases of the American people. To be woke, means to know who those pulling the strings are. Stop trying lol you are losing…..

Fox News coverage is certainly biased. It’s pathetic in fact. More of a cheerleading section than objective coverage.

How about Fox reporting on editorials pointing out how most of Fox show hosts are completely biased pro Trump. You cannot get more sycophantic than Hannity with his interviews of Trump and family and appearing on stage with Trump at a rally. What kind of reporting do you call that. Most of the so called news shows on Fox are just Trump supporting propaganda, more like party political broadcasts.

We are at war with the old guard. They know it and we know it. The only ones who don’t know it are the leftie sheep that blindly follow.
The media IS the enemy of the people.

With the exception of a small minority of mentally handicapped individuals and groups of extreme, radical white supremacists, all Americans know that Trump is a very poor leader who is dishonest, obtuse, self-obsessed and irresponsible. Those who continue to support him have eschewed reason in favor of a political power struggle. They would rather see the country descend into chaos and turmoil
than admit the egregious shortcomings of their party's leader and join with rational patriots to remove Trump from office and begin restoring sanity, respect and positivity to our national ethos. Trump supporters suffer from an aberrant state of political sickness that has left them bereft of a conscience and sense of responsibility to their country.
It is time to genuinely embrace the mantra misappropriated and abased by Trump: Put America First! That means abandoning political entrenchment and doing the right thing for all Americans.
We need a real leader, not an egotistical demagogue.

add abc, nbc, cbs, msnbc, for bringing nothing but negative stories about every good thing he has done for this country. NONE! but still PRAISE FAKE bath house barry soerto o'blowhole

I think they're more anti petulant child embarrassment fake billionaire and since Trump is the only one it seems like they're anti Trump.

The US media is toxic, a poisonous narrow little group of self appointed liberal elites who long ago abandoned news reporting and professional journalism for flat out propaganda that North Korea would be proud of.

What else can you expect from the New York SLIMES? The're imbedded with the Deep State. The same thing goes with the Washington ComPost.


Good on you Jill. To bad the paper you use to run, and you ran it well, has turned into The New Joke Times. Let us bring back real news, real newspapers, and real people! VOTE RED IN 2020, VOTE TRUMP!!

i read the NYTIMES for about 50 years . We all knew it had a liberal bent, but for the most part it was a great newspaper..BUT now it has gone too far. I will not buy or read any longer ..and i have forgone a sub to the cooking section, which i would love to have, not wanting to contribute even a dollar to the Times…The credibility of the paper is gone! A real shame. And btw..not really a trump fan..but the bias is just too obvious!

Not all of Fox news is fake, some is honest. I have a feeling the time is coming when they will all have to be honest or they will disappear.

A criticism of NYT is not a defense of Trump. She does not say they are not accurate, just left leaning. The NYT is a human organization, and this is why we all need to get our news from many sources. Trump is a human with a shady morality. Watch him, also.

The Press better enjoy the ride. Main Stream Media has been exposed so badly , it will never recover and when Trumps term(s) are fished so to will be the media. Good riddance, you will not be missed.

Holding the President accountable? For what.
You don't like it when President Trump calls the media the enemy of the people? I believe it is the enemy of the people.

Their biased? Never noticed. Next thing you're gonna tell us is that CNN and MSLSD are biased as well. Whatever!

The morning Schmo and Rachel Madcow are two of my favorites!

Funny how the bias Trump Fox Network thinks all other MSM is bias.. against Trump. I mean you only have Hannity and Judge Jennie OPENLY attending Trump campaigns to promote Trump on the a Fair & Balanced way of course.

My gosh! Are they still peddling that fake BS that Trump called the media the enemy of the people? We all know he said "fake media" was the enemy of the people.

CNN supports ANTIFA.

I've been on both sides of the political spectrum and I firmly believe that the MSM is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!! They deliberately mislead Americans to vote against their own self-interest. They are vile and destructive elitist scum. The smartest and most liberating thing I've ever done is walk away from the modern Left and Democrat party.

You have to be a special kind of stupid not to recognize that the American press is now the Democrat propaganda media machine.

P.S. Howie Kurtz is a douche.

The New York Times is just another Jewish rag that is out to peddle trash. Journalism and integrity has gone out the window there. And you can Point your finger at all little punks with crayons that call themselves journalists.

shut down the NY Slimes that partly is owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim who by that really meddled in the elections!

Interesting piece. Well presented and seemed to be fair. I can point out that "Yellow Journalism" has been going on since paper and ink were given to reporters. Otherwise know as sensational coverage or even fake news. I learned that in high school about 50 yrs ago. At least now we can read and delete without killing trees needed for the paper. The benefit of all this is learning to question everything from everyone. The internet is not the "fountain of truth". Garbage lurks in too many places. My humble opinion of CNN is "too much garbage". I only view when I want a good laugh at ridiculous statements. I can count of Pelosi for that. Praying she loses speakership!!

Without the wards or sears catalog need to paper for the out house. What a great substitute the New York time. 💩to💩!

when Trump calls these motherfuckers "Fake News" and "enemy of the People" ..its only Bastards who are peddling Fake News who get upset…it shouldn't effect real honest journalists ….

Go figure. When the New York Times FINALLY publishes something true, it's something everybody else in the nation has known for over three years.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get she’s right. The media in this country is biased against traditional American an values. i didn’t believe this 3 years ago BUT my eyes have been open.

I love that the tsa workers are not working because of not getting paid because of the parcial government shutdown. It's not the people's fault trump did the shutdown. It's trumps fault

Washington Post reported that Trump had divulged highly classified material to Russian diplomats in an Oval Office meeting last week – material so sensitive that homeland security officials scrambled to place calls to US intelligence agencies afterwards to warn them that the information had leaked, via the president’s mouth, to [email protected] admitting to hacking 50cents Twitter account due to the celebrity’s manor and indecent behaviour against women, witch tekashi69 6ix9inejailmate mocked and trolled 50cent Curtis James Jackson so bad about he’s sexually 50cent Curtis James Jackson started a 10 million car shopping spree.!! So ever one can replace trump.!!

Clearly there is such a negative bias against Trump and Americans are on to it. We're pulling away from their product. I literally never watch or read the "news" as reported by the main stream news.

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