For a night, for a week, for a lifetime

I encourage families that are
considering a placement to take the child in and just love them. Meet their
immediate needs, show them where the refrigerator is, show them where you keep
your towels, explain the rules of your room. Don’t have expectations that are
down the line of six months or a year, don’t worry about adopting or what
they’re going to be when they grow up or what are they going to do iwhen they are 18. Love them that day that they come into your home. Give them a snack and
clean sheets on a bed and tuck them in and say goodnight. Have expectations for
that child, give them hope that they’re gonna be okay.
Not all foster placements are adoption placements. The goal of foster care is to
return to families. Sometimes that’s not possible.
When a child finds out that information that it’s no longer possible for them to
return to their family, that foster parent has an incredible opportunity to
be there to support that child. Even if they are not the adoptive family, they
are still a loving family that’s supporting that child and helping them
through that decision

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