Focus Jarifa Offroad Premium XT Video Review – Best Hardtail Electric Mountain Bike with Regen Mode

>>Court: This is the Focus Jarifa Offroad
trail bike and it’s pretty awesome. Offers a ton of torque because it’s using this XION
gearless hub motor system, it’s actually the same hub motor that’s on the Specialized Turbo
and considering it’s only rated at 250 watts, it actually has like 1,000 watts peak output.
So, it’s a little bit misleading and, quite awesome! I must say. Especially because it’s
gearless, it’s super quiet, it offers regenerative braking that actually does something. It gives
you a fair amount of energy back, while you’re riding. And this particular model, we’ve got
a 37 volt 11.25 amp hour battery pack mid-mounted. So you’ve got a nice weight distribution across
the frame here from front to rear. Still a little bit rear heavy. And, you know, you’ve
kind of got a lot of complicated stuff in the rear here with the hub motor, disc brake
and your rear cassette, which by the way, has ten speeds. So this is a 30 speed mountain
bike, you’ve got a lot of gears to choose from. Got a beautiful computer. So, you know,
I guess what I wanted to say about this is it’s very capable in terms of climbing hills.
And it’s an awesome bike, and it’s in the mid 40 pound range, um actually I think upper
forty, like 48, 49 pounds. So, you know it’s a little bit heavier but very capable. I was
just climbing this hill. I’m in San Francisco right now and this thing just powers right
up. Its got five levels of pedal assist. Kind of a break out thing here, you hold that to
turn it on. Got an on-off switch there, and then you can just turn it up. So, five different
levels of pedal assist and you can see your estimated range goes down as you, depending
on what level. And there’s two modes of regen down here so if you’re going down a hill.
And you can even set the regeneration speed that you want; you can tell it “regen less
energy while I’m going down a hill and give me a faster speed, but still regen a little
bit”. I guess it’s kind of complicated to explain but it’s just really neat, I mean
the way this thing works. And it just twists off so you can take it with you. The battery
comes off as well so you can charge it in your house or in the office or whatever. So
this is, you know, this is a fairly capable system. Very high end. You’ve got the RockShox
up there, disc brakes front and rear for stopping power. There’s even a remote lockout here.
So, I mean this thing is just feature rich. Hydraulics, hydraulic disc brakes. You know,
and it’s a little bit more expensive but you kind of get what you pay for. I guess in terms
of using this as a mountain bike, I’m starting to get into the mid-drive systems like Bosch
or Kalkhoff, they’ve got these middrive. And when you have a full suspension bike that’s
really nice because you can kind of lose traction on the rear wheel, but this one is a hardtail
and again I really like the gearless hub motors design. It’s very quiet and smooth and very
powerful. So, I’m just going to hop on this thing and put the camera down there and you
can kind of listen for that motor. [quiet motor noise] You can’t really even hear anything.
Because it’s just, I mean it’s gearless. And I’m powering up a pretty steep hill here.
This is what it looks like on the side view and I am not exerting myself at all. So yeah,
I’m pretty impressed. Again, this is the Focus Jarifa Offroad electric mountain bike. Very
cool, and again with the XION drive system. For more on this bike, the full written review
with pictures and stuff, check out


The mid-drive bikes are cool, but like "EnergyReturnWheel" states, They ARE the future, so maybe all these car companies should start working on designs for electric bikes! Change is an unstoppable march forward, so maybe they should just learn to roll with it!

I have one of these bikes. I like it pretty much, but am disappointed in the speed restriction it has. It seems to cut out any assistance around 27km/hr. After that, it's pretty hard going. Is there a way to disable this restriction or at least, increase the speed at which it will pedal assist? Any info appreciated. Apart from that, I love the bike. 

i love my Harley and have confessed i would be homeless with it rather than sell it. I can see the tech in these to take off. Ill wait 2 years and watch the prices drop a few grand. I might invest then

Is it possible to get the jarrifa xt premium offroad to go 45kmh?
And if i need any modifications to make it go that fast?

I hear most people are disappointed with "regenerative braking" systems, since the amount of charge these bikes are capable to actually "regenerate" is pretty minimal, if not negligible. Have you ever managed to quantify how much juice you can actually recover by using one of these systems?

Cheers mate

I can build a better (Much better in all aspects) ebike without breaking a sweat. I don't understand why anyone buys these premade kits unless they are simply rich (a few) or uninformed (most i think) or lazy (some)…

I bought myself a jarifa with the rear hub motor the same as yours. It's a terrific bike. Do you know if i can download the instructions for the computer as i didn't get any paperwork with the bike. Will appreciate any information

Just bought a Focus Jarifa. You are correct. They are a terrific bike especially up hills. The xion motor in my view is in par with a mid drive

Hi George after searching and gathering information regarding software to speed up my Jarifa Speed Focus I've come to the conclusion it can't be done even though the maximum output of the motor is 1100 watts. My bike goes from zero to 27klms per hour in a couple of seconds on the flat and to try and go faster it's very hard unless going downhills. I found a company in Germany that does have the software for a Jarifa but they do not sell to the public. If I get any more info I will let you know

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