FNN: Continuous coverage of MD newspaper massacre; Defense chiefs Mattis, Onodera in Tokyo


Yeah we know..your love and thoughts blah blah. lets hope republican love ones not some of the victims. Go ahead buy more guns..well just watch you from abroad.

Question for Rosenstein:
During your interview with the president for this job, did you reveal your intention to appoint a special counsel to harass him? That probably never came up. So you lied to him then are you lying to us now?
Your first act after you got this job was to stab the man that hired you in the back. Well done, jerk.

Where's the whining and accusations from the left today. They are suspiciously silent. Is it because the shooter is a deranged mentally ill liberal who is also hispanic?

Jarrod Warren Ramos- filed a defamation suit against the paper for an article detailing his guilty plea in a harassment case.--CNN Politics headline—-Suspect in newsroom shooting had past court battle with paper, documents show—– Ramos had no ID on him and his finger prints were altered.—- The person that wrote about Ramos they say no longer works for the paper. So why did he shoot them?

This is not about what the FBI and DOJ are doing to prevent future corruption, it's about what you are going to do about past corruption.

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