“Fly Again” | Minecraft Parody Of Coldplay’s “Adventure of a Lifetime”

Such a magic world, For us to play. Anytime you want from night to day. With the highest mountains, The biggest lakes. It’s for us only. We can build it all. No task to much, All the clouds and valleys we can touch. From the sky to sand, In this blocky land. It’s for us only. We see all the light is fleeting. The taste of the night, the sun swings round again. Oh yeah, we see all the light is fleeting. This place is unreal. Now lets go fly again. Fly again. Such an endless with world, With miles of sights. But there’s danger coming, get ready to fight. You can take my hand, I’ll see you right. It’s for us only. There’s an ancient world; A temple unseen. We’ll explore it all, we make such a team. But look out for traps, Beware of tricks. They want us only. A realm of the darkest secrets. Our moves and our might, it’s us against all them. A realm of the darkest secrets. This place is unreal. Now lets go fly again. Fly again. This place is unreal. Now let’s go fly again. Through the midnight we will try. We could stay here, you and I. But all the mobs are giving evil eyes… Well nevermind. Well when we’re down and our hands are tied, I know you’ll be my shining light. Well when we’re down and our hands are tied. You’ll see us through. I wanna do this with you. (With you. Woo-hoo.)


How dare he plays an ender chest right there nobody ever got an ender chest in survival that’s why I know this is creative and where did you get those wings from just popped it out this is literally creative mode if anybody thinks this is survival mode how did you get the wings like literally can somebody tell me how we got those wings he actually got two babies just anyone in creative mode

1 Year Old, I know.

Anyway, I wanted to go back to this video again, and I just have to comment.

This is my favourite animation/song by you. Reason Why? It's taking us back to the times of the parodys. So thanks for that.

It's also an incredibly beautiful animation. I'm amazed.

I've been subscribed for a while, and I can't believe I never saw this! It is by FAR my favorite thing you've done!

This animation is far from smooth! Minecraft is always hard to animate because facial expressions can’t rely on only pixels. I really like the fly sessions, her hair and that there is a bit of a love story.

And that beginning! Omg, I get goosebumps of it and I always like how things are created. This animation is not only perfection from a minecraft perspective, but also as a song, video and even as a story. Things look natural, how they speak, move and act, it’s perfect.


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