Final Expense Life Insurance Agents Carriers for People Who Have Seizures

as final expense life insurance agents we sure do run into a lot of sick folks in this video I’m going to share with you my favorite final expense carriers for people with epilepsy or any type of disorder where they’re being treated for seizures coming up next okay so if you don’t already have a good final expense cheat sheet stick around to the end of the video I’m going to share with you guys how to get the final expense cheat sheet that I use in the field this bad boy has my top carriers and can direct you to the right final expense carrier based on the health condition so when it comes to folks that have seizures or they’re taking any type of anti-seizure medication my favorite final expense product is the America ultra protector one because there’s no questions about seizures and no phone interviews require if you guys are going to use this final expense product you better be good at field underwriting or you may end up having to go back to the client to resell them if they’re not approved as applied for the united of omaha liberty Bankers Life foresters and Americo Eagle final expense products also don’t care about seizures and with those products you can actually do a point-of-sale interview and find out if the prospect is approved before you even leave their house with the American Eagle final expense product you can do the e app and get the approval online as long as you do this with the client present so with the Americo Eagle you have an option to do the phone interview or the e app guys if you need the top contract for any of these final expense products or would like a PDF of the cheat sheet that our agents including myself uses email me at [email protected] happy hunting you


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