Federal Premium Black Cloud

all right water fowl fanatics today’s
August 4th it’s Friday the very first day at waterfowl weekend excited reps
are showing up people are pouring in it’s looking real good what I’m going to
talk to you about today is something new for this season that’s just now
available as a couple weeks ago is the new black cloud federal and says
redesigned the black cloud we are the largest black cloud dealer in the nation
so I wanted to do a little review on this email right here and we’re gonna
compare it apples apples to last year’s ammo so I got 12-gauge three-inch strees
ounce in 1/4 on both new and old load I’m gonna actually cut them open real
quick we’re going to compare the wads here looks like everything else is kind
of apples to apples as far as pellets just said this one’s cleaner burning and
it’s got a new wad so we want to look at that so I’m gonna start with cutting
open the old shell here so hopefully I can do this all in front of the camera so they got the top cut off they’re a
little harder than it should have been so we got if you haven’t seen this
opened up before all these dark pellets in here they’re going everywhere are the
flight soccer pellet which they have little rings around them and that’s what
does the damage more than a regular steel pellet as it’s spinning and going
through a flesh it’s it’s gonna tear a bigger hole just kind of like a broad
head wood and in the regular steel so it’s 40% of the flight stopper and it’s
60% of that steel pellet what I’m going to pull out of here and get a little
messy here all right so this is the new black cloud
shell it’s got a like a black chrome hole there not a gold I’m gonna cut this
one open here this is my very first new when I cut open haven’t cut open yet look for that like same ratio alright there it is so what I’m gonna
see is instead of those those wings that kind of pop out and reverse right here
this is called the flight control flex made to go through any choke so to slow
this choke down or this I mean wad to slow this wat down as it’s collecting as
it’s flying through the air it’s gonna flex and slow this wat down
separating it from the pellets so so that’s why it’s also got the wings and
this we keep dropping it also got the wings in the back for stabilization so I
mean this is what your chokes going to look like flying through the air then
it’s gonna flex here and it’s gonna slow that wat down so this right here is the
old black cloud wad with these skirts here to slow down that wad and this is
the new one right here and it just flexes it’s got slits in the side so it
flexes that’s how this one will slow down kind of similar to the old one but
this one is you can use it through different strokes so that is the
difference mainly in these new uh this new black cloud load it’s supposed to be
cleaner-burning and it’s got this new choke mate for any
our new WOD made for any choke alright guys
hey thanks for watching I’m excited about this new black cloud load again
it’s waterfowl week and starting today it’s August 4th
everything is everybody’s piling in decoys are flying out the door
we got remember that amla special we have on black cloud we’re selling a
boatload of it yeah make sure to check us out online our head in the water fowl
week in we got today tomorrow and Sunday thanks for watching

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The reason black cloud doesn't pattern well is because of all those Saturn shaped pellets. Everyone knows perfectly spherical shot flys better… Black cloud is a gimmick.

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