Evidence: CNN excusing poor quality of news with being pro-gay (the easiest minority-rights movement in the history of the Earth). Pretends to have impact despite being completely biased, as ratings sliiiide.

Being gay is not a political issue…it is a human issue!  Homosexuals have a sexual orientation just like heterosexuals have a sexual orientation.  Nobody chooses their sexual orientation any more than they choose their race, black or white!

CNN 'tries' to stay neutral, but has how many gays and liberals as network anchors?  Just because Wolf is an Israeli war hawk, does not make a balance. 

The media does social 'experiments' like the ABC show, "What Would You Do".  They will create situations and then shame people who do not stand up for the 'victims' in each case. 

As far as the media is concerned; the worse news the better for them. One solution is to carefully limit the amount one absorbs=limit exposure. From a Christian perspective it shamelessly pushes ungodly fear and so many lose their minds watching, thinking the world is coming to an end every day as that is how they constantly portray it. There is GOOD NEWS in Gods word and specifically on fear:

Matthew 10:28
28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

As for me and my house we will fear God and God alone.

Fully accepting Gods truth is completely liberating not only from ungodly fear but from all that is not of Him. Praise God!!! 

Blessings People! 

Middle one looks gay. Gay people are everywhere now. Something about modern liberalism and peoples insecurities manifesting itself.

No one choose their orientation. And no one can easily change their orientation, even though some gay people marry girls they don't like. They just pretend to love a girl for avoiding prejudice. Orientation may change on someone occassionly without attention. But the possibility is very low. For most people, their orientation wouldn't change all their lifetime. If you intentionaly try to change your orientation, you may never change it all your life.

But the Israeli Government, which both Ben and I support, DOES mandate that you abandon your religious precepts to benefit the greater good, and he can't sing Israel's praises any louder.  IDF soldiers are, at times, commanded to conduct missions and exercises on Shabbat and Chagim.  Please explain how this is different to "abandoning religious precepts to benefit the greater good" Ben…

I love when Liberals end up with their "hail mary" strategy of simplying saying "well, at least we're trying"
I know how Ben is and I'd be the same way.
Trying isn't good enough. "Trying" to be non-partisan should be like "trying" to be a professional actor. You either are or you get kicked off the set.
Unfortunately the left doesn't take it's Hollywood work ethic into politics.

"CNN tries to be non partisan"

They surely threw that shit out the window the second Trump starting running for president.

The deceitful media changes our opposition to homosexual and Lesbian SEXUAL ACTS to hate for a person, thats the only way they can push their sick agendas

Through out history the media has portrayed gay people as feminine boys and lesbian as masculine girls. They have always discriminated this people. Now finally people are understanding that gay people are normal people like us and this is not a choice. Now suddenly it is the media fault because people are doing the right thing because they are human too. I am disgusted by this American, I live in middle east country even I thought people where educated in this kind of country but I was wrong .

a futurist committe decides to study 2 island populations in order to plan a hope and a future for mankind. the committee doesnt care for emotions or feelings or entitlement or flags or parades. the committee is only interested in logic and rationale. island 1 is filled with kind, loving, accepting, 'equal rights for all', flag-waving homosexuals. island 2 is filled with bigoted, narcissitic, chauvenistic, selfish, deviant, power-hungry, skewed thinking hetero-sexuals. the committee studies all possible outcomes and decides island 1 offers ZERO value in terms of a future or hope for mankind. the committe realises that homosexuality when followed through to its logical conclusion offers only death and extinction and no future. the committee also quickly realises that after studying the behaviour of both islands for a short time, that all the good qualities claimed by the inhabitants of island 1 are simply a veneer, a facade, and that island 1 is in actual fact filled with just as much bigotry, narcisism, deviancy, hatred, chauvenism, selfishness and power-mad skewed-thinking as is present on island 2 but chooses anyway to build its future on island 2. and the committee chooses island 2 for two simple reasons. firstly, sperm mixed with faeces has never and will never produce life, and secondly, a dildo inserted into a vagina produces the same nil results. the future of mankind depends on reproduction. the committee also wonderfully agrees that the saving Gospel of Jesus can be preached on both islands because the committe has realised this Gospel brings healing to deep hurts and brings changes to destructive human behaviours. the committe monitors both islands closely and amazingly soon observes people on both islands are responding to the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus and are casting off their old, unfulfilling lives! and even more amazingly, people from island 1 can be seen swimming to island 2 where there is every hope for a future. ama

i also find the news media heavily favors pro black sentiments. When is the last time you saw a news piece denigrating black people? this is very strange. Almost like things are progressing

The question is why? Why are they pushing this with celebrities like Ed Sheeran promoting gay shit. 🧐 makes you wonder

You only have to go back about fifteen to twenty years to a point when there was little to no media coverage
of gays. The same goes for movies. Lesbians were ignored completely.
Little by little, there was a slow but steady increase in gay visibility, Now of course, it is common.
I believe that this has much more to do with a profit motive than any concern for "gay rights" I am enjoying
the reality that the media is really just using gays because now it is profitable, now it is safe and they do not
have to fret about their precious ratings. No one in the ad business is complaining either. I am also enjoying
the fact that many in the "gay community" are mistaking this increased media attention as some sort of accep-
tance. Technically, gays and lesbians are freaks. Most people are intrigued by freaks………

the media can't be less liberal than it was the day it was created by nature. I suppose liberals wouldn't get that as it's based on science.

So they want our kids to be all gay now or something? What exactly is happening? And why are men having gay booty poundings in restroom stalls in tv shows now like this is a normal part of tv shows? All this sex and same sex love stuff wasn't even happening on tv shows in the 70's and 80's. Are they trying to brainwash us into being gay, accepting gayness? I'll admit I could never have imagined a cell phone world but all this gayness and sjw stuff and shitty Presidents stuff is getting out of hand

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