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This show is so terribly scripted and everyone seems slow. But I guess that because they're sleeping with their sisters😏

Hey plig kids, if you want a lot of money and a free house for 6 months, go on this show. Even if you left the church already, you can come back and stage the show. They'll even tell you what to say so you won't have to make up anything yourself.

I'm soooooooooooo proud and soooooo happy for you Lorin! Standing up in your own church. How incredibly strong you are! Thank you for becoming a symbol of freedom to others that were given a wake up call that day from you. Thank God for such amazing strength! Congratulations on your newfound freedom and life.

I love the show I live in St George Utah where this happens and I cry when they can escape that horrible cult.

I was born and raised here in Utah and I'm genuinely amazed that these Kingston's that are in the group and do all of this aren't arrested or charged for this not the ones who escaped it

Sooo happy for Lorin!! Loved him just standing up, being straight and walking!! And he looks like a great guy for cuddles!!! xx

I feel like this is such a wake up call from what they’re being convinced of from an early age that all of us are horrible, evil people. He was so surprised that people on the outside actually cared enough to donate & support him in the transition.

I first learned about the FLDS after reading Elissa Walls autobiography. I’m so glad that people are able to get out. I don’t think there are as many men trying to get out.

Black people cant have a community anything like this in America because the government would come in, bomb the place, or shoot everybody up. If you researched your history, you’d figure out that this has already happened more than once.

It’s sad they are allowed to destroy their children’s lives just because of a “religion” which is clearly made up and basically a cult. It’s also so sad that if you leave the church your family has to drop you. That’s how they keep you. So sad. I hope for the best for this young lad
edit: thank god for the people who try to help them out of this terrible situation!

I'm so obsessed with this show. I've just recently started watching so I'm playing catch up. Not only did these ladies escape but decided to help others get out when they didn't have to. I still don't quite understand how they are smart enough to leave and others not? Great work ladies! Let it up to women to clean up the mess of men.

My family is rooting to Utah.. my 5th grand family believe in having more then 1 wife, he worked hard for the LDS faith, he worked hard for the government he believed in! This breaks my heart! These girls are so nice to this young man.

I don't want to seem thirsty but he's so hot omg, plus he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Hope things work out well for him, for all of them.

I think that it's really sad that despite growing up in a church, he didn't expect to be caring and charitable

Online schooling Lorin!! You could get more then a GED check out Edmentum courses im taking classes for $200 each but it's a start and would take time but in the end you would be better off

Aww wow I hope & pray that Lorin has a very happy, healthy & fulfilling life….he deserves it truly. God bless him! God is love not punishment & not extreme rules

why would ya'all leave polygamy though is it that bad? seems to me being in normal society is for example..i meet only married and or men with girlfriends and never get spouse this way..but if already married whats wrong with that..least won't have to be forced to be alone like me for example..who is haunted by polygamy in the love triangle serial dating thrid wheel false hope or whatever being lead on way that is worst i would say..least you get to be with someone this way..some of us are in constant love triangle and never wind up with anyone and seems it hard though to have to fight over the guy? i'm surprised polyandry more than one man wouldn't be popular..cuz not like any man is all you want but if put like the five men you often at same time get crushes on and meet all at once anyways together it adds up to great guy..then the couples wouldn't have to wind up with twenty kids or something to have to be burdened by..i mean i love large families and all but that may be too much for some so i can see why wouldn't be popular if too much work and am surprised it even is?!

That's the second time I hear when he mention he only swam in his clothes the first time I heard it its when from a young woman I think her name is Yolanda (who's also from the same group of Lorin,) I think she said that whenever she and other girls went swimming they never took off their clothes. it really breaks my heart when any type of fun is ban and they must start working in young age.

Lorin is a sweetheart. Humble, grateful. In fact even the ladies they help are the same. These people deserve happiness and freedom. I'm glad they are getting it ❤️

When people donate these apartments to these people, it just shows these people escaping abuse like that that the outside world is not what they have been taught. People can be so giving.

I could see the pain and loneliness of Lorin's heart. I wish he'd live a good life and found happiness. God bless you Lorin..

How about a followup video detailing his progress over the last 16 months? May he have a wonderful success filled future.

That is SO awesome that the Salt Lake community contributes to helping those getting out of those cults. I generally think of Mormons as only taking care of their own and not caring anything about anyone else. I guess of course that they are planning that FLDS folks will move into traditional mormon communities. Let me not be cynical at this moment and enjoy the possibility of true altruism from a mormon community.

Thanks for everyone being a fan! This is Lorins girlfriend!! He is doing great!! He has a Facebook page if you guys would like to follow him!! And sorry ladies he’s taken I’m a lucky lady!! 🥰

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