Elevator Pitch Critique – How To Pitch Your Value – Premium Package Secrets Ep. 8



Key Take Aways:

— If it doesn't work – try something else.

— Clients only care about outcomes.

— Articulate your client's (or target market's) issues better than they can.

— Don't project your value onto the client.

Actionable Steps
— Charge More

— Make elevator pitch specific & unique to me.

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Super interesting. Biggest takeaway… don't project your value.
Even if you are not going to pay for a service, the customer can pay for it. So charge for it.

I resonate with Dan – he is one of the best 21st century speakers I have listened to. It feels like I have found a secret weapon. He is logical, gets straight to the power and has changed my thinking towards business. Thank you Dan

I identify the particular desires of homeowners and reverse engineer them to see how I can accomplish those goals through the sale of their home.

i m a cleaning service …what should i do ?.. i made an idea for a company n they act my idea but they gave me nothing . …

The uniqueness of the concept and delivery is almost to simple to be true to some but I'm gonna stick with it it! Great video….

So, to make a great elevator pitch, it is important to understand your market very thoroughly. You need to find out what the outcome they most desire is and try to fit that demand. Apart from that you need the ability to view your product/service from THEIR perspective to accurately describe the problem in familiar language for them as well as the worth they see in the outcome.

Thanks, great video!

The two most profound lessons for me are:
1) Reach Wide. Position Narrow.
This is something that is currently lacking in my business and will be addressed. I need to be more specific about my value and offerings.
2) Don't project your own value onto the prospect/client.
This has been one of the most difficult mindsets to overcome. However, thanks to the HTC program…I've gone from selling $500 packages with lots of value, to yesterday when I sold a $7500 package, with a better understanding of the value.
Thank you Sifu, for yet another handful of great lessons.

This gave me an ‘ah ha’ moment. The best way to know the market is to have been in their position. Then I can talk to to the situation and outcome with confidence and from the heart

Need to understand the marketplace well so you know the pain and frustration of the people you serve better than they do.

Here is the elevator pitch I put together after watching your videos. I welcome your feedback: I am a real estate professional. I specialize in working with home owners in the Las Vegas Valley to maximize their profit when selling their home to help them buy another home or create wealth for themselves, their families or their business. I go into more detail in my book Consider It Sold: The Complete Guide to Successfully Selling Your Home.

Self perception is the vehicle that drives personal value which in turn dictates level of pricing. Thanks Dan.

Go back and refine your line in order to keep being unique. You speak their language not your language 🙂
Unique and simple lines.
Thanks Dan for your priceless wisdom you share for free.

Great information Sifu! Can u give me the example of “using their language instead of my language” in the real estate situation?

I also want to comment on the statement you made about having "one client that pays you a million dollars". I need that in my life. I have no limit when it comes to adding value to myself and my companies, because In my opinion, the importance of "knowing who I am and what I do" without continuously adding value means nothing. Thank you for your awesome videos. You are the best!

Can your elevator pitch be too long? In order to get more specific it seems like I need more words. But I've always been taught to use fewer words which inevitably makes my pitch more general. Which is better: longer and more specific or shorter less specific?

The elevator pitch needs to stand out. Relay the specific outcome can they get working with you.

Great insights:
#01 Reach wide, position narrow
#02 Don't project your own value to the prospect & marketplace
# 03 Understand your prospect better than they do themselfe
# 04 What is the outcome worth to your clients? Level up the value you provide.

GREAT….POSITION,NARROW,REACH,WIDE…we often project our values on our customers who in turn dont buy.

Great videos Dan, however I have an issue with an extremely wealthy client (millionaire), they keep telling me it's not a budget problem, yet they keep trying to make me lower my price, how should I react to this.

Thanks for the great content you put out on yt, really appreciated.

Great respect to you sifu, you speak for those voices that have come from the streets, not a prince who was raised with treats.

Hey Dan, I'm truly mesmerized by all these gems. I respect your authentic generosity and value your business acumen. Can't wait to be mentored by the King !! 🙂

I love that last point about the Ferrari I think that was for me especially I project my value to much ……Probably I'll Buy a Bently instead ..LOL !!

This got me into serious thinking that I should have a compelling message to attract attention from my market. This is a truly remarkable way to get known for who you are.

After hounderds hours of research, i can say Dan Lok is the god of high ticket. Anyone who disagrees can start by uploading hounderds of hours of awesomeness and we can talk

I provide limited, exclusive opportunities in repositioning distressed commercial real estate projects to grow an investment of "100" into tax-free cash-out of "130" in just one year, while staying fully vested with strong created equity in the repositioned cash flowing commercial income property.

I also provide immediately cash flowing opportunities in high yield debt instruments that are secured by performing high quality commercial & luxury residential real estate.

Wow! That issue about the value of the worth of the outcome is awesome. That value/outcome line hits at the core of what I'm working on. Continue to blaze the trail Dan.

You are the sharpest Guy on the internet! Every day I tune in to your videos and learn, and being informed by You, Dan Lok. Thank you very much and keep them coming <3

Hi Dan,

Been a follower for a solid 3 months now of you. I want to say thanks for the great wisdom you have provided.

My focus get stronger from the impact and value you give, and I am continually improving myself everyday.

I have gone from a 40k job I didn’t like to having my business earning triple that. But I know I can take this even further.

I see you as a mentor as I believe my business has started to excel even further. I also have taken Jason Capital’s course based on your referral to further improve on that high income skill. I am looking forward to Jason’s class.

I have grown huge respect for you and if you allow, I wish to call you Sifu going forward. Thank you again for your positive and impactful videos!

Great point of view. If I help my clients make $1Mill I could easily charge them $100k. Thanks for sharing this Dan.

you are just fucking awesome. every message you deliver is like a bullet. thanks dan i hope you can serve more people.

That was awesome Dan!! I hadn't thought of "what is the value of this to the client?" as a way to address costing. Coming from an entirely different field, this is definitely something I need to consider. Thank You.

Dan, can you produce a series of videos that handle typical objections inc "too busy to meet with you, why should I meet with you, price too expensive, we've already got a service provider that offers us the same service you're offering, don't know you OR don't trust you"…etc?

stopping projecting my own values on prospects is my biggest break through.
I have never done freelancing digital marketing and branding work ever, I used to thought I cannot survive with the current market rates AND I can't quote far from that.
well, I learnt this powerful thing and I got my first branding gig @$15k which converts to INR 1050000 (A Million a year…) earlier was like a dream to me but hey here I am and killing it!!
here's my elevator pitch – "I help start-ups launching fresh And companies who are exploring new markets to launch profitably and get very first clients using my branding skills"

I really appreciate your work sir, i have been following your videos when u were on 30k followers, since than i have watched your videos n really i have gained a lot, i need to know if the shoe market is saturated because i want to start my own brand can you make a video ont this topic sir i would be really glad, and one day i ll be attending your sessions🙂🙂 best of luck really loved your work, keep it up

You said that you are not in the business of turning losers into winners, then why is it you offer the HTC program?

Sifu I love your video's. I'm in Season 6 of HTC and can't stop fueling my brain with all your information. My whole 'recommended for you' section is your video's. I can't thank you enough!

Hi Dan, just wanted to let you know that I love your videos and podcasts. It really keeps me going, motivated and thinking – thank you so much for putting this content out there. I have a question – how do you ask for a pitch meeting with a c-suite executive? What do you do when someone does not respond to you or when they say they are not interested? What is the dialogue or narrative you take them through when they reject you to try to turn that "no" into a "yes"?

I help people who have a Capital money but do not know where to invest it and let their money works for them consistently at higher rate.

please help me. how to boost my leverage income business

This makes me understand exactly what you do. You are awesome….. Makes me think of contingencies….. But the pudding is real.

This was some real insightful info in regards to projecting value & determining what your product or service is worth to the buyer.

My biggest takeaway is that my message needs to be very precise and compelling. It needs to tell the potential customer what they have to gain.

Thank you Mr Dan lok
I start waching your video Almost 3 weeks ago
Your ideas is phenomenon
To Do business you have to have a skills or ideas and money
Without skills or ideas very hard to Do the business
Number ( 1 ) you need to patient number ( 2) how to deal with customers you
I will take your idea to work it in African . Because in Africa we Don't have more investment system like Canada USA Eroupia
Or China ) but we have some kind of business example buy land and sales
Thank you very much

Hi Dan this is Super great stuff here!
I am still figuring out how I can rephrase my value as a photographer who does portraits and beauty shots for women.

This has completely changed the way I see my work

I work at a cell service retail store, and this particular video challenged me to reconsider developing my personal brand. My "elevator pitch" will evolve from

"I use a unique approach to right fit people with the proper technology that makes life easier; while keeping them connected on their terms"

My powerful outcome that I promise my YouTube community is…”it is my pleasure to share the secrets of the pet grooming industry, so you care provide quality care for your beloved pets at home.” Thank you Dan for sharing YOUR valuable content here on youtube! 💕

Amazing stuff, Dan. No one that I know of, in this field, is giving as much "value in advance" as you are. The Mindset training is so foundational and you're giving it away!!! Grateful for your generosity.

I learned the math of value compensation percentages in a 10 minute video made by Dan Lok. So if I want to get paid 3k from a single client I have to be certain that I understand how to uniquely communicate my ability to meet their 30k outcome.I can see what you mean about needing to understand your clients needs better than they do.It makes it that much easier to pace and lead the sale with purposeful questions geared towards my outcome. A high ticket close.Just like the man Dan Lok.

love this one! this was exactly what I needed for my webinar tomorrow. Thank you so much! My goal for tomorrow is to get at least 15 people register live for the new course! thank you again!

Dan be honest with you I enjoying every your videos and I learn from them thank you man ❤️👌🏻

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