Elder Brain Premium Set – Volo’s and Mordenkainen’s Foes – D&D Icons of the Realms Miniatures

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The Deck of Many and Humblewood.net Welcome back to the Gallant Goblin! I’m Theo and today we have the Elder Brain. This is the premium set from the
Volo’s and Mordenkainen’s Foes set of prepainted miniatures from WizKids. You can see our opening of those by
clicking the “i” in the corner of your screen. This was kindly sent to us by WizKids
to decorate your mind flayer colony. It features one elder brain and six
stalagmites to decorate the caverns. So let’s go ahead and open it up and take a look. Mind flayers, or illithid as they are also called,
communicate through a telepathic network. The central hub and operator of
this network is the elder brain. It is the most powerful member of the mind flayer colony
and the keeper of the colony’s collected lore and history Each individual mind flayer is a repository
of information on one particular topic of which that mind flayer is the expert. Perhaps chemistry, biology, or military tactics. As long as the mind flayer is within 5 miles
of its elder brain, it is part of the network. The elder brain expects complete obedience
from the illithid that dwell within its domain. Occasionally an elder brain may send
a mind flayer outside the network in order to complete a mission
or gain more knowledge. This mind flayer loses its connection to the rest
of the colony and must operate independently. The elder brain is not an inanimate
object without a personality. In fact elder brains are generally
arrogant power-seeking megalomanics, though they are not above begging for
their own lives if death is imminent. They can communicate telepathically in
Common with anyone within their range. In fact they can spy on any telepathic communication
that transpires within their psychic reach. As a challenge rating 14 creature, they
are very much able to defend themselves. They are considered legendary creatures with legendary
actions, resistances, lair actions, and regional effects. They are able to dominate creatures psychically, blast their foes’ minds with psychic energy to damage
and stun them, and read the minds of those nearby. They can also lash out with their tentacles and
plane shift themselves if the situation looks dire. The elder brain is considered a
large creature in its stat block, meaning it should take up a 2 square
by 2 square section of the game map, but this mini takes up a 3×3 inch
section, making it a huge mini, not that I’m complaining because the oversized
elder brain makes a great centerpiece for a battle. This Dwarven Forge cavern set was
painted by me using official Pokorny paint and by following the Dwarven Forge-supplied
painting tutorial video on their YouTube channel. As you can see, the stalagmites seem to fit right in. This scene features medium-sized
illithids and large-sized ulitharids. You can find more information about the
elder brain in Volo’s Guide to Monsters. The elder brain set will release alongside
the Volo’s and Mordenkainen’s Foes set of prepainted minis in December 2019. It will likely retail for between $40 and $50 [USD]. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them in the
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My first thought seeing those stalactites/stalagmites was "would they fit with Dwarven Forge well?" Thank you for anticipating and showing us that they do!

I forgot to comment on this… Love this mini, at first I wasn't feeling it due to the weird black tentacle looking assymetrical, but now that I see it is coming out of the top I like it better. Especially how the tentacles are like veins or nerves of the brain! And indeed it is Huge sized. That said, feels weird to be only getting a Huge mini and a few stalagmites when 45$ netted us a whole laboratory in WDotMM and a Gargantuan Kraken with extra pieces in MM3.

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