Dupli-Color® How to: Premium Undercoating

Off-road vehicles need protection and
we’ve got undercoating. We’ll show you how to apply it next. (music begins) Hi, welcome to
Dupli-Color TV and I’m Mark. Today we’re working on a Jeep Wrangler. In this
project vehicle we’re looking to get this undercarriage some protection. It’s
gonna be off-roading and we have some options to consider to get the job done.
Dupli-Color offers a number of opportunities here for corrosion
protection under your car. Starting with our Dupli-Color undercoating which resists
rust and it’s a rubberized finish. Next, we have the professional line which
offers same rubberized finish but incorporates the sound reduction.
Then we have the Dupli-Color Premium undercoat with sound dampening. It features
a high build formula with maximum corrosion resistance and a high output
trigger which gives you the easiest application underbody. This is what
going to use in the Jeep today. I’m going to show you how to do it right now. The key to every paint project is the
prep and we’re looking at some pretty nasty rust, dirt and grime in here.
First we’re gonna go out with the wire brush to knock off the big stuff and
then come back with the prep spray to get off the rest of the dirt and grime.
Then we’re ready to paint. Let’s get going. We just finished knocking off the big
stuff. Now we’re going to clean it up with the prep spray. This will get the
remaining dust and loose particles and give us the best surface to paint. Okay, we got the loose particles off
the car. All the rust is clear and now we’re ready to coat it with our undercoating.
I remind you that the prep is key. There’s no point coating loose particles.
It’ll just fall right off. Notice on top of the high output
trigger there’s a little tab here you got to pop it off before you start to
paint. Then you’re ready to go. When applying Dupli-Color undercoat always
spray in a well-ventilated area. We recommend two to three coats. This stuff works and it’s much like a barrier -the more you put on the more effective it will
hold on and it’ll keep the corrosion out. Alright. We just finished our second
coat. I’m gonna let it dry an hour and get these wheels back on and get her back
off-the-road. Okay, we got the wheels back on. The
coating’s dry and it’s ready to protect this Jeep from the road for years to
come. To learn more about our undercoatings
or any of our other products please visit duplicolor.com

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