Don’t Leave Yourself Vulnerable! Protect Your Chicken Rings with CastleRing Insurance.

– Have you, someone you love, or someone you dislike, but
can’t seem to get rid of, experienced the devastating moment, devastating moment, the devastating moment when your White Castle
chicken rings go missing? Well, you are not alone. Millions of Americans across America have experienced lost
or stolen chicken rings, and it’s only getting worse. Fortunately, there is
CastleRing Insurance. Castle has a variety of thoughtful plans to protect you and your hungry loved ones, because, at such an incredible value, something is bound to happen
to your chicken rings. 12 for $2.99 is a great deal. Coverage includes theft,
loss, water damage, criminal negligees, you just plain forgot, carnival folk, goblins, other mythical creatures under three feet, moon madness, you fell into a sewer, Dennis, you’ve accidentally
been living in the wrong house, Dennis again, that fucking thief, spontaneous combustion,
or you just ate them. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable. Sleep soundly in your twin bed knowing your delicious investment is safe. Join CastleRing Insurance today. (energetic music) (heavy footsteps) (energetic music)


I love how bad this is. Plus it gives me the impression it's making fun of those commercials for ambulance chaser law firms.

I remember the first time I ran out of chicken rings. That’s when I realized that the universe was made out of chaos and bullshit.

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