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What is wrong with your face? I’ve been to the doctor’s, she said, “Well she’s got the worst skin I’ve ever seen in my life.” but I didn’t want to let my acne win. So I’ve been recently struggling with cystic acne, I kind of get really large cysts underneath the skin, as well as normal pimples as well. It can be really red and really sore, just not much fun at all. I think the most sort of uncomfortable thing is being when people are staring someone said to me like, “Oh, what is wrong with your face?” I got quite upset about it. “What’s wrong with your face?” like you could have phrased it better. There have been times where I’ve been to the doctors. One specific time I went and she sort of turned to my dad who had come with me and said, “Well she’s got the worst skin I’ve ever seen in my life.” I know that my skin is bad, but having someone else say that it’s that bad as well makes you kind of realise, “Okay. this is serious and it’s not good.” Stephen: I remember how the doctors reacted to you it was just like,“Oh my God.” You know. Actually being shocked and almost horrified. And it did make you more withdrawn, you were conscious of it at the time. Emily: I was doing everything I possibly could, and it was just getting worse. I changed my diet, I tried going gluten free, diary free, cutting out sugar, I’ve tried just chilling out and doing Yoga and meditating. I tried acupuncture as well I’ve had laser treatment, I’ve had micro dermal abrasion, different facials. I remember I tried drinking celery juice for a whole month every morning, and nothing changed When I was 22, I got a job as a gym manager, in a local gym. I’d always battled with my skin, it really started to sort of worsen when I was around 22, at the same time as I was starting the management role. My face literary just erupted and yeah, it was like the worst, it had ever been before. I felt like people were judging me and thinking that I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle. Stressing about that obviously made it worse, so I think I just decided, “You know what I’ve had enough.” I decided to leave my job. Looking at it now I feel really sorry for like the girl in the photo. I feel very sorry for like how I felt at that time, Okay, so this was the first photo that I decided to put on social media. So I think I got to the point where I just thought, “Right I’m just going to put it out there.” I was really nervous about it but I just thought, I kind of didn’t want to hide my skin anymore. I didn’t want to hide the fact that my skin was getting worse. So I remember posting it online and I was totally overwhelmed with how sort of positive the response was, and yeah that kind of spurred me on to post more things. I never realised that there was such a sort of community online, for people suffering with acne. It just makes you realise that you are not alone, I noticed how many strangers got in touch with me as well. People that I’ve never met, people that I don’t know, people from all over the world. but it’s really lovely to sort of connect with people that are going through some of the things. I think before even having acne I was still quite insecure, but having acne has kind of taught me to accept myself as I am even if I have got flaws that we’re so much more than just how we look. So now I’m definitely just trying to promote the kind of skin positivity body positivity message, of just accepting yourself for who you are, and even if you’ve got flaws even if you’ve got insecurities, it’s about learning to accept them, love yourself as you are and be happy. You are still beautiful even if you’ve got acne.


I had acne like this ,but more localized when I was young . I noticed that whenever I swam in the ocean the acne would almost disappear for a few days . When one day I bought a body wash with sea weed extract and used it on my face ,the acne dried up and disappeared . I tasted the body wash and it was salty as well . Anyway ,if I started with a breakout ,I would use the body wash as a spot treatment .Applying it with a finger tip and leaving it on the skin ……They no longer sell this particular body wash .It was called Jergins seaweed extract body wash ……It was not manufactured for use on acne . But I tried EVERYTHING ..This was the only thing that really worked …

I greatly admire her attitude but it is disturbing to see her QUITTING on finding the root of her skin issues.
The skin is our biggest organ.
The severe acne is a MANIFESTATION of some deeper maybe metabolic disorder….maybe hormonal factors..maybe ovarian issues ect.
She has to find someone who cares to find it !!!
Did she try ayurvedic medicine!?
Some say pregnancy can help..Many say CARNIVORE diet is the key!
It's not a time yet to settle for some support group that keeps her in relative emotional comfort.
Feelings are important but to get to the reason of the problem she needs to step up her research again !
Good luck and lots of hope for her future spotless completion .

I've also battled with acne my whole life. I still get breakouts and have deep scarring. It's affecting my confidence and low self-esteem.

Lady, lemme give you some advice:

Stop caring about what other people think.

And stop wasting your time trying to "raise awareness". Its only a problem if you let it get to you.

I get a few cystic pimples like three or four every other week and it’s really painful and red. I also get boils on my body sometimes and they’re painful. There’s days I sometimes go to work without makeup because I’ll be too tired to wake up early and there’s people that ask me if I do anything to my skin and it’s sad because I do and I try so hard and it’s sad. So now I just wake up early to do my makeup and just take it off when I’m home. I’m so glad my family understands and my girlfriend loves me for me and it’s a really helpful system.

I wonder if she took Accutane like I did? I had terrible skin at one point too but this girl makes me feel a bit more confident with myself now because i know exactly what she’s been through

This poor girl! I can’t imagine what kind of pain she must have been in. I’m 36 and I still struggle with acne like a teenager. I have to be very thorough about skincare management. One thing I discovered, which was a godsend, was a Clarisonic device. I use it twice a day. I’m glad she got relief from her acne.

I think my acne was worse and I am left with scars. I don't think I could ever post pictures of my face back then. You're very brave and very lovely.

Anyone else going through acne problem, try this remedy…. Take some poppy seeds.. crush these in mortar n pastel to release the oil … Add a little yogurt to make it a paste… Apply over the affected area with hands and leave for overnight…. Do it for a week daily…. It really works…. Tried n tested…

Yes, you ARE beautiful, with and without akne! But now we can see ydur beautiness better than in fommer days. I'm so hauuy you got rid of it!! be blessed!

She has a full face of acne and still looks absolutely beautiful. Great eyes, good brows, awesome accent, positive personality. And obviously her skin condition is painful, sucks there are people who make her feel bad about it.

She has a full face of acne and still looks absolutely beautiful. Great eyes, good brows, awesome accent, positive personality. And obviously her skin condition is painful, sucks there are people who make her feel bad about it.

I have been struggling with acne since I was 17 and I am 26 now. I did everything i could to and it just wouldn't go away. I had to learn to love and accept myself again because if I dont feel comfortable with myself I can't feel comfortable around other people. I think the positive thinking and less stress helped me heal even though it is not completely gone. I always tell myself I'm getting better and yes I see the results. I'm happy that you have found your peace, happiness and helping others out there to heal too. You are an inspiration keep it up.

I haven’t watched the video, I think she should try accuraine(idk how to spell it) I don’t think it’s that hard for a dermatologist to figure out.

girl humans are born with clear skin, you must be eating something thats bad for your skin, or bad skin care products or whatever the cause. try eating 50 % raw vegetarian food.
your skin is telling you its not happy.

I know how bad it is… my acne was a lot worse than that, to the point there was no space for the pimples to grow on my face at the age of 11 years old.

I was in grade 10 math class with a girl who had cystic acne. She went to the doctor every week for some kind of treatment, that she said was pretty painful. She was a beautiful girl otherwise, she had long dark hair big blue eyes, great cheekbones, and a wonderful personality.

get yourself some CBD oil to use three drops before bed also the cream it takes away scars sadly no option here to show you my daughter in law got burnt with hot oil third degree burn and in 6 days you could not see the scar come join us on cannabis oil make/use on Face book you can see what others say you should also add vitamins and minerals to your diet i am 66 and on no chemical medicine have not see a doctor in over 6 years

I really sympathize with her because my son went through similar acne for a long time, still dealing with it but not as severe as it was. the biggest issue now are the large scars and keloid type scar tissue all over face neck throat chest ears and back….he hates his appearance. it saddens me as a mom because I felt helpless. docs and derms only helped so much. then with him it was just learning to accept it and move forward. I always saw his handsome face and gorgeous green eyes, now his wonderful girlfriend sees the same…

i seen other people like that , i think it has to do with all the fat , oil in the food , its added to most of processed foods , oil plugs up everything and we get too much , i get bad acne on my back from too much fat , example , eating patato chips every day

when i had chicken pocks , i broke out alot on my head and face , alot of people were eye balling me , i could hear them say OMG , look at the pimples

when i had chicken pocks , i broke out alot on my head and face , alot of people were eye balling me , i could hear them say OMG , look at the pimples

Acne is a real struggle, I speak from experience. It is only when you accept the situation that things get better. I am glad that there is a whole community out there that supports us how we are 🙂

I have acne and I hate it when people are like have you tried curology or proactive and I’m like….girl that don’t work for everyone and when I went to the doctor they gave me cream for my face and my skin is healing even though it’s taking time but honestly she’s beautiful with or without acne

I used to have bad acne, no where near as bad as hers but I had just started big school, and kids where horrible about it, I felt bullied into wearing makeup, which I ended up doing. People used to look and me and call me spotty, my so called firends told me to wear foundation, sadly I actually ended up doing. Since that day I all ways wore makeup to school, and surprisingly my acne got so much better after I started to wear foundation

acne is no fun when you are young, even worse as you get older when you start getting the scarring to show from past acne, i have had a hard time dealing with it, i know the pain

How come she doesn't say what finally worked for her I'm sure a lot of curious minds want to know or am i the only one cuz if u don't then u are lie ying to urself and others

I took accutane 4 times 6 to 7 months and at least 3 to five years between.
Stool softeners and antibacterial lip balm my best friends.

your really pretty. I don't have pimples and if so it one in a blue moon, but I'm scared when I become an adult its just gonna pop out of no where, in already 15

She is amazing, and beautiful. I use to have horrible acne and especially cystic acne. What helped me was head and shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo, neutrogena toner and neutrogena spot cream all over my face, boom a month later I'm nearly clear

I struggled with acne for 17 years and the last few years it had turned into cystic acne. I started the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting and all my acne was gone within a month. My life has changed and I have so much more confidence than before!

Did ya try Proactiv? It saved my face in my late teens/early 20’s. You are quite lovely. No judgement. Just saying that worked wonders for me. Mine was nearly as bad as yours. I hope you can find a solution.

I was fired from my job because I couldn’t get my acne under control. A client complained to my supervisor and a colleague kept sending texts to call me filthy and that I should take a shower…as if I didn’t! I tried everything including accurate which has horrid side effects. It helped only a little, so I had to stop taking it. It definitely prevents me from finding work in the public sector, so the last three years I’ve moved in with a lively senior lady as a housekeeper/health aid/companion. I sell custom greeting and invitation cards on-line, thus use my skill in calligraphy. As for going out in public, ignorant people call me names, bu I’ve developed a bit of a tough exterior and either ignore them or tell them what I think of bullies—-in public since they mock in public. Having acne never kept anyone out of Heaven, unlike having cruel heart.

I have acne and a skin picking disorder. Those don’t go well together. I have scars all over my chest, back, arms, legs, and even my stomach from just picking over and over at little bumps that pop up. I also eat my scabs, I know it’s gross but I don’t notice doing it until the deed is done. I have a lot of mental health issues that aren’t being treated either, because my mother believes that nothing is ever mental. I’ve even been diagnosed with a few things, and that’s just the surface of my issues. Bipolar, anxiety, OCD, depression. I get so stressed and it makes my acne worse, I don’t eat healthy or exercise because some days I can’t get out of bed (obviously not week days because my mom could care less about my mental and even physical health). You all are so strong and I’m trying really hard to accept the fact that I am too. It’s hard living in a toxic place where no one accepts or understands you. Things will get better, and they will get worse. In the end, there’s 7 billion people in this world and you’re only one person. That’s just the blunt way to put it.

Beautiful eyes! What a lovely lady. I have not had acne, but I can empathise. My skin is dry, so my face and hair are constantly flaky, which can be embarrassing. I get it, sister! (Hugs)

Now I don’t have much acne anymore but the scars are terrible 🙁 I’m so happy she is getting better though. She’s beautiful and has beautiful eyes.

What doesnt make any sense to me is everywhere else on her body is smooth nice normal skin!! Jus on the face…why is that?? Ive never found acne on the face to be unnattractive. Am i weird? The only thing i wud ask or feel bad about is, is it painful? Some zits i get are soo painful..right on a nerve ending..shes very pretty in my eyes

I've had cystic acne grade 4 since 13 yrs old. Have had multiple care treatments and more surgery than I can count. One dermatologist looked at me with disgust and proclaimed "you are a mess!"
Go on Aldactone, NOW!!!! You will never cure it ever. It is not like other acne. Accutane may temporarily help. It is your skins sensitivity to your own hormones.
Aldactone is the only treatment that will help you. I've been on this treatment for 2 yrs and now at almost 70 I have beautiful clear creamy skin. Wrinkles be dammed I love my skin. Good luck to you I hope you heed my advice. It will save you a lifetime of misery.

I'm thankful my cystic acne isn't as inflamed but even then it still is often uncomfortable to the point of sore. I'm going in to see a derm this coming week and specifically requesting accutane. I've done my time, I'm ready for a clear face 😂

To fight acne is so simple, always wash your pillow case twice a week and wash your face twice a day and always sleep on your back not on your stomach

The nurse sounded rude, like really?? Right in front of her??? I had terrible acne when i was 13 all over my forehead and that one kid yelled at me and laughed about it. Acne can never hide the true you 👍😁

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