Do You Qualify For Help Paying Your Medicare Premium? | Humana

Did you know each state offers Medicare Savings
Programs that may help pay your Medicare monthly premium? I’m here to tell you more about these programs
and how Humana can help. Based on your income and assets, you may qualify
for a Medicare Savings Program that may help pay your Medicare monthly premium. Eligibility is determined by the state you
live in, and is based on your income and assets. Income includes your Social Security check,
pension and any other money you receive each month. Assets include bank accounts, stocks and bonds,
but does not include your car or primary home. If your income and assets fall within a certain
level, then you may be eligible for assistance. Interested? At Humana, we have a group of people dedicated
to providing our members with the information they need to help them find the care and services
they deserve. This is where Humana can assist you. To get started, we can conduct an eligibility
interview over the phone with you. If you appear to qualify, we can assist you
in filling out the application for your state. Once completed, we’ll send the application
back to you for your review and signature along with a postage paid return envelope. Depending on the state you live in, additional
documentation may be required and we can even help you gather those documents. We understand you may not be comfortable sharing
personal information with us, but let us assure you that we take your privacy and security
very seriously. Still, if you rather, you may be able to apply
online, over the phone or in person at your state Medicaid office. It’s your choice. Keep in mind that it’s your state that decides
whether you’re eligible or not, not Humana. You’ll be notified by the state when they
make their decision and, if approved, what month you can expect to start receiving your
benefits and when you’ll start seeing the savings in your Social Security check. Reach out to us. The Humana team is here to help you. Let’s get started. All you need is your Humana or Medicare ID
card. So, give us a call.

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