DIY Curly Wig no Closure| Premium Too Shorty Cork Screw ► Beauty Supply Store Hair Series [Ep.4]

Welcome back Curlfriends to another Episode
of BSS Look for Less! Today we’re going to be creating this cute
little, short, DIY Curly Wig without a closure. I’m going to show you guys a few tips and
tricks on how to create this look without the need of a lace or silk base closure. We’re going to crete this look for less than
$25 using just 2 packs of hair. But before we get started with today’s video,
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your favorite brands today. You’ll need just a few quick items to get
started on our wig. You’ll need some craft scissors, a weaving
needle, weaving thread, a spandex dome cap of your choice as well as a modified mannequin
head. The hair I’m using today is by the brand Sensationnel. This is their Premium Too Shorty Cork Screw
in the color 1B/30. You get 3 pieces on 9 inch bundles. So I bought two packs which is a total of
6 bundles. The curls remind me so much of my twist outs. I thought it would be the perfect texture
to work with. I have my modified mannequin. I’ll have a tutorial linked below for this
modified mannequin. I’m just going to stick that dome cap on top
of the wig head and lay my first track. I’m going to be pretty much sewing my first
couple of layers at the bottom of the wig cap. It’s pretty much going to create a curved
pattern towards the ears. I’m just going to go ahead and lay down the
first track. I’m wrapping it from ear to ear. I like to flip over my tracks especially for
beauty supply store hair. I don’t want any shedding so I just flip over
my tracks and sew to the opposite ear. You can see the spacing that I’m using. I’m leaving about 1 inch width between each
and every track because I have two packs of hair. I personally like to lay down my first bag
of hair and then go back in and fill in the spaces that I would like to be a little bit
more full. As you can see here, I have 3 layers of tracks
so far and its looking so far, so good. I’m just going to continue wrapping this hair
around from ear to ear until I get to the crown of my head which I’ll be creating a
short bang. 5 to 6 rows later and we’re ready to create
this bang. I’m pretty much just going to wrap this track
around in a circular motion going from the tips of the ears, the crown of my head, all
the way around. This is what’s going to give us a nice circle
and it’s just going to continue in a circle. This bang is going to give us so much versatility
when it comes to this wig. I’ll be able to wear the hair in a bang style,
as well as a side part, middle part, pull it straight back. It’ll make it super versatile. I’m still continuing to sew the hair with
the 1 inch parting until I’m ready for my second bag of hair. So far so good! I’m so excited to see the outcome. I’m going ahead and sewing my second bag of
hair to finish off this closure. It’s really simple and easy. You’re just going to continue to sew the hair
in a circular pattern. You’ll see that your circle will become smaller
and smaller the more you sew which is going to create an illusion of a closure. You won’t have to sew down any lace closure
or silk base closure. That’s pretty much it. I’m done with my closure. I’m just going to go back in with the last
two bundles and just fill in any sparse areas. I personally like to have a lot of volume
towards the top of my head so I’m just going to add the bundles towards the front, the
bangs as well as the sides of my head. I don’t want to add too much in the back because
I know for a fact I would end up cutting it anyway. Here are the final results of the wig. You guys will be seeing a close up on the
closure which look very seamless. You can’t even tell there’s a closure there. With curly hair, you rarely ever see the scalp
because it’s so full and so thick at the root so it’s almost pointless to have a closure
unless you want a defined parting. Here are the results! The hair is nice and bouncy. I absolutely love this hair. I’ll have a review coming on it very soon. But I fell in love with it. Here’s my closure right here. Like I said, you can barely tell that it’s
there. When it comes to styling you can wear this
in a side part, a middle part, any kind of style that you want. It’s a very versatile wig and it’s super cute
and funky for the summer. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s tutorial. I’ll also have a styling video that you guys
can checkout on how to style your newly created wig. Be sure to check out the previous episodes
as well as use the hashtag [email protected] on social media to show me your recreations of all of
the episodes. As well as some hairstyles that you guys would
like to see featured on the show. I hope you guys enjoyed this. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys in the
next video!


The wig is so gorgeous! I'm hoping one day to leRn how to make a wig! I also live that it was affordable! Thanks for sharing! Be blessed!

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