Discord Dyno Premium Feature Showcase – A Discord Bot

So you’re wondering if Dyno Premium is worth it well stick around and I’ll show you the Dyno premium features, how to use them and Ultimately make you wonder why you haven’t subscribed to Dyno Premium yet You might even be able to win a one month free Dyno premium subscription So be sure to like this video subscribe to my channel and join our discord server community for your chance to win a lucky draw While you’re at it Please follow me on Twitter and twitch as well and support me on patreon if you’re so inclined Your support encourages me to bring you these guides and allows me to give back to the community by the new monthly giveaway Which was started as the 1000 subscriber milestone. Thank you, everyone This is amazing now Please note that the Dyno guys have been gracious enough to give me the premium license for my channel Which allowed me to bring you this content. I am however looking to purchase more licenses for other servers I managed because the Dyno premium features you get are just too good to not have on hand once you’re used to It. now apart from the Dyno premium giving you faster service priority sports and better music experience There’s five very useful items. I’d like to highlight here number one auto purge The auto purge section is fairly basic concept but helps you keep your server clean Simply select the channel you’d like to auto purge and then select the auto purge interval Click Add and you’re done. The toggle channel will now auto purge messages On the set interval remember to pin the messages you don’t want purged like the message embedder messages Which we’ll be covering in a bit number two slow mode if things are going a bit too quick for you to read why not limit the amount of messages that can be submitted to a Channel again simply select the channel and then the rate limit in seconds You can choose if the rate limit is applied to everyone in the channel or for every individual user in the channel Click Add and you’re done speedy typist will now be told to chill the f… ugh-mghm To lay on the brakes… Next we’ve got number three Auto message Auto message will automatically post a message to a channel on a set interval Yes, this feature is available on the free version. But Dyno premium removes the one Auto message per server limit please note that you have to allow Dyno premium to have the manage web hooks permission enabled on the target Channel for this to work Also note the auto message can use the discord markdown formatting but it doesn’t trigger any auto Responses or commands. It’s just a message sent automatically – go figure Which brings us to number four the voice text linking Voice text linking will give members access to a text channel when joining a voice channel I can see how this could be very useful feature If your server is heavily driven by voice channels for different teams or categories and such the voice text linking adds the member to the channel permissions directly and Gives them readwrite access Once they leave the voice Channel It removes the member entry directly this allows each individual member to gain access to the target Channel Regardless of the roles and other permission settings that might be applied to the channel You can even add a text join and text leave message if you want. So there’s that But ultimately we are coming to number five the message embedder now This is the holy grail of the Dyno premium features and can work very well with the auto purge feature as well The Dyno premium message embedder allows you to stylize and construct a premium quality message To be embedded in a target Channel in order to use the message embedder to its fullest potential You’ll need a way to link to images personally, I created an imgur account and uploaded my images there. to get to the image link you go to your imgur account and Select images from your profile drop-down click on the relevant image you’d like to add and then copy the direct link URL Once you have the relevant URL, you can build up your message with the message embedder as follows First you want to give it a name. So for now we’re going to name it now playing And then the channel we want to target the Dyno premium Channel. I’ve got to set a color up #FF7700 which is my standard go-to color and Then title add a title for the X4 Foundations get it here now the reason I add that in here is the title can have a URL associated with it and the URL I am adding here is the URL to my affiliate link where people might be able to buy the game and in doing so Support me as well at no additional cost Then you can add a description which can also use the discord markdown formatting Next is the author name which serves as the ultimate title for that embedded block The author icon can be seen on the top left over there And then the thumbnail will be displayed on the top right if you would like to add an image Which is embedded in the body itself, you can add an image URL right there Next is a footer and there’s also the foot image if you would like to add it I decided not to Now on the additional fields, you can add multiple additional fields The fields have to have a name you cannot leave that entry blank when you do get to the value parts alone Please remember to use your discord markdown Instead of whatever markdown is being displayed to you over here if you want to split the fields into multiple columns, you can select inline to add the values to the columns and When you’re done, you just select save and send which will submit the embedded message to the target Channel Now very important pin the message If you delete the message embedder’s message You’ll experience a something went wrong message whenever you try and save and send in the future Also note that the message will be updated where it originally posted It doesn’t wipe the previous embed to add it to the end of the channel, which is why pinning It is also so important members will then actually be able to see the updated values Or if you want to make a dedicated channel Like I did for the lotto Channel you can pin it as well as purge that channel to have a very clean High-quality spotlight post which you can maintain with the message embedder So there you have it five great Dyno premium features, which will be able to increase the quality of your discord server remember, you could stand a chance to win a 1-month free Dyno premium – simply like this video subscribe to my channel and join our discord server community You can also follow me on Twitter and twitch and please feel free to support me on patreon if you are so inclined Thank you for watching , Y0kenB out.

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