Developer Diaries #9: Premium Ships

Hi everyone! In the previous episode we closely studied
the World of Warships game engine. Now it’s time to get back to the main characters
of the game-warships. We’ll talk about the most interesting of them all:
Premium ships, their purpose, and gameplay peculiarities. Full speed ahead! Developer diaries In World of Warships, ships become
more and more powerful and modern as you progress
through tiers of the tech tree. However, some ships are special:
they start with the top configuration. But to acquire them, you need to either spend money
or distinguish yourself on the battlefield… A Premium ship is not researchable. It doesn’t have researchable modules,
therefore it’s an elite ship by definition. It means that all the experience earned on this ship
can be converted to the free experience. We can make a clear distinction: there are ships
that are researched with the experience you earn and there are all the other ships. They have a distinctive feature: in the game client
they are all marked with a yellow gold color. These ships are divided into those
that you can purchase in the client or in the Premium shop and, roughly speaking,
all other special ships. For example, they include the ships awarded
for participation in Alpha and Beta tests, gifted for Wargaming’s birthdays and so on.
Traditional gifts for players. Rarely, a ship may be strictly tied
to a player’s skills. Under no circumstances can
this ship be given to a newcomer. On the other hand, a player who understands
all game aspects and has the skills may receive this ship as a reward for successful play. Those players, who are really skilled,
receive a deserved reward that suits them the best. Many formidable ships can be found
throughout naval history, but not all of them can become
Premium in World of Warships. For this to happen, a ship must conform
to specific requirements that can be described
in a single word “unique”… We always strive to select a special ship. A special ship, as we understand it,
can have very different aspects: it may be as famous or well-known,
as Tirpitz for example. It may be a legendary veteran ship that fought in the war
and survived, it might have had an enormous service record, or contributed directly to the victory of its country,
Gremyashchy for example. Apart from that, we often choose ships
notable for their technology to become Premium ships. They have fairly original performance characteristics: either a special design or
an unexpected set of armament, for example. U.S. cruiser Atlanta and Japanese cruiser Kitakami
became the first Premium ships in World of Warships. Developers used them to fine-tune the mechanisms
for selling and awarding these kinds of ship and to determine
what battle capabilities they may have. Tests showed that our players
are able to handle the guns, but most of them have difficulties
when they have a large number of torpedo launchers at their disposal and, simultaneously, have to cope with high visibility, sluggishness,
and the need to plan ahead. First of all, Premium ships add diversity to the game
and allow you to show off your tactical skills. In addition, they offer some bonuses. Of course, they won’t make you a master of the seas,
but will offer new possibilities that a regular ship from the tech tree
will only provide after a long time playing… First of all, Premium ships are an option,
available to every player. Everyone can purchase them and, by doing so,
skip lots of tiers that they would otherwise have to research. Accordingly, it’s an opportunity to see the future
development of your game account… … Just like a Premium Account,
it doesn’t give you an advantage in battle. However, it allows you to save some time
that you would have spent in the game, achieving or researching something. Premium ships are very good for
power-leveling commanders, thanks to the fact that they can be transferred
to and from Premium ships without penalties. Besides this, they are great for earning credits that you can later spend on purchasing ships
from the tech tree. In our game, different Premium ships
provide different bonuses. Some ships will earn more credits
and some will earn more experience. Some ships help earning more crew experience; some give a bonus to both crew
and total earned experience. Firstly, it will add diversity to the game, and secondly—this is very important— it will add value and meaning
to Premium ships of medium and low tiers. World of Warships, just like a powerful battleship,
gains speed. New Premium ships will soon appear in the game. Because these ships are special, you will need to
work out special battle tactics for each of them. But once you master them,
you will enjoy new gameplay like no other. Premium ships create a completely different
battle experience, both for an individual player
and for the team in general. Each of these ships can be yours,
you just need to set a goal. We expect many new Premium ships next year:
American, Soviet, and German. I’d like to emphasize one thing for our players: when we say Premium,
it doesn’t mean that all these ships will be on sale. Moreover, it means that only a small
portion will be sold, while the majority of them will be available
as rewards for different activities, participation in contests, events, tournaments,
different leagues, etc. Follow the news and stay tuned
for more Developers’ Diary episodes to get the latest and most interesting information
about World of Warships.


I wish most of the premium ships in game wern't exclusive to new players, As a Beta Tester i have zero opportunity to earn a Marblehead, a Tachibana, a Tone, or a Diana.

Different premium ships earn different levels of experience.  Some earn more credits, some more XP and some more captain XP.  Fine, now would you care to fucking tell your player base this information and stop hording the damn information!Which ships are best for earning what type of XP and credits?  For fucks sake!

No advantage? How about deliberate undertiering, preferential MM and over equipped. Basically P2W which is Soviet Gamings business model.

I can't believe I wasted 8 minutes of my time watching this in the hopes of seeing or hearing something new. So much bullshit was said here.

Well, wargaming, if you make a video about things in the game, put people who look fresh and happy not people who didnt had sleep for 5 min and work all day, they talk so slow and boring! Put some energy in it damn retards

Still hoping that the dutch tech tree will be added, as normal tech tree just possible, only problem is that they would have 5,9 inch guns untill tier 8. So maybe the dutch tech tree could exist with only some premium ships?

I have two questions that I have wondered. Will planes, specifically fighters, be able to strafe, and will Japanese fighters be able to kamikaze? Also, when will WOWS merch be able to be bought?

many people immediately associate "premium ships" as definitely "paying" for them. this is not true as some ships may be given out in events. thus the hate

"Test shows that players have difficulty with large amount of torpedoes at their disposal" or maybe its because you nerfed Kitakamis torpedoes to 8km when she already had low concealment and very low survivability? I'd still buy her though.

So is the Warpsite going to be on sale for the NA server soon, because making a premium ship available to the European server players and not the others is messed up. This is what the american side can enjoy grinding towards.

Here is War Gaming's play:
– Step 1: Release A premship of A nation, once at a time (Tirpitz)
– Step 2: After a short time, release ONE brand of ONE nation that's of the newly released premship (German)
– Step 3: Showering on the golds that players purchased to free Exp from their premship for the new tech tree
– Step 4: Repeat previous steps.

They learned lesions from WoT, they wont release the whole nation any more, but instead a brand at a time.

US high tier cruisers really need some love….that gun arch and shell velocity nerf really makes it undergunned compared to IJN cruisers, plus the congenital bad camo and relatively thin armourUS ships are known for their radar calculation, give us something like better gun disperse or target leading cooldowns, that would make things better imo

I will continue to watch World of Warships video but until War Thunder Naval foces come out I ain't spending a dime on this arcade game

I swear if you are going to add either one of the finnish ships and they are not regular premiums that you can just buy from in-game shop or premium store i will quit playing. That is if you will add them.

i have continuusly been throwing money at my screen, yet the Kitakami has still not returned to my port, WG, please fix this immediately. and DON'T EVEN THINK OF putting it up as bundle only. screw those useless flags!

yeah I wish you don't let newer player (less than XX battles) to buy premium ships. It's a disaster when some newb bought Tirpitz/Atago

I am curious as to if they will add a British ship to be optional to permenentally be there, like the Murmansk, Atlanta, Aurora, and Atago. I am thinking a good idea would be the HMS Hood. Any opinions?

I also have come to the conclusion that the majority of the players cannot enter tournaments and certain events. I have come to 2 hypothesis/opinions; 1) If indeed they do make the Hood viable as a premium ship, the add the British wing, given that the USSR had almost the exact same before the most recent update. 2) Try and make the premium ships slightly less arduous to get. What do I mean by that? Well, basically, try and give Dubloons as an award in Ranked Battles for certain levels. Thanks for reading this!

I think Wargaming does premium vehicles perfectly, they don't offer too much superiority over non-premium vehicles and some, such as the TOG, are pretty shit.

IT-säkerheten not true.. Premium ships ARE beter than same ship in à game ex Murmansk vs Omaha, wargeningaming we are not idiots . Wy is premium DD Gremi.. Much beter than sister ship Tierp 5 DD ..? Wy do you lie for us ?.

you could of added the RN, but instead you just try and milk even more money from us with 'hype train' ships for navies you won't add for YEARS. I suppose the Chinese did more in the war. that's why you added them BEFORE the RN was properly implemented, which of course makes sense. you added the Russians before the Brits (!!!!!!????????????), but you then boast "well look at this, and this, and this". stop trying to milk us and hype us. JUST ADD NATIONS THAT MATTER (ahem: UK, France and Italy), NOT **** RUSSIA. WHO WANTS ONE OF THE LEAST POWERFUL NAVIES OF THE WAR BEFORE THE MOAT POWERFUL IN AN 'IMPARTIAL' GAME. JUST ADD NATIONS THAT MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what the point buy premium ship…that experience you got from those ship cant be use unless you spend lot of doubloon and that's required lot of money.1 doubloon=25 ex. for 90k exp you need 3600 doubloon.ggWP. I agree that ship nice and amazing. but to convert exp…Aaaaa~~~~

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