Derby Days: Mallorca | The Once In A Lifetime Derby

Two divisions beneath La Liga and hundreds of miles out sea one of
Spain’s biggest rivalries has resurfaced This is Derby Days, Mallorca Tucked away deep in the Mediterranean
Sea Islas Baleares or ‘The Balearic
islands’ is home to islands such as Ibiza, Formentera and Menorca, alongside an all-day beaching, all-night partying fiesta loving hedonistic way of life that has created one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth but scratch the surface here and look beyond the nightclubs and the luxury yacht filled
harbours and you’ll find a common love that they share with the rest of the
world we’ve got a calm life but we love football you know, there is football everywhere on this island they’re obsessed with football on this island it’s like Brazil on this island, the football all the kids in all the schools when they were kids they play football we’ve got really good players Born here and they’re playing all around the world. The Mallorcans are obsessed with football, their culture is football there is more football culture here than in most parts of Spain and it’s because of this region’s very much underrated love of the game that we find ourselves on its
biggest island Mallorca for a fixture the capital city Palma has been waiting for,
for nearly four decades I’ve seen some derbies before But it’s not a Liverpool/Everton, it’s not a West Ham/Tottenham this is the Palma Derby. It’s two teams
from the same city that have very, very occasionally been in the same league Now the Mallorca derby, it’s very much a David versus Goliath story but unlike similar rivalries both sides don’t deny it everybody knows Mallorca. Baleares?
Who knows Baleares? We are not so big like Real Mallorca Now the Goliath of this rivalry is without a doubt Real Club Deportivo Mallorca The oldest and biggest club on the
islands they’re a proudly Spanish institution Who were originally named after
the king I am today 45 years married and I don’t know if I I love my wife more, or I love more the stadium So I am Mallorca Everything. But just because they’re the
big guys in this narrative it doesn’t mean that they’ve always had it easy Mallorca’s history is like a roller coaster For many years, Mallorca was a yo yo club When Mallorca had no money The Mallorca players were the first in their history, to strike for their salary Majorca have played more more games in
second division that in first division I started supporting Mallorca in the second division and I thought that was great But in the late 90’s after properly establishing themselves in the
La Liga, that all changed and boy did that change And then when we went to first
division We started winning, Real Madrid and Barcelona, when they would come to play here, I knew we were going to win, by how much are we going to win? First there was ’99 Boom! An explosion of football! Birmingham 1999 is the only European final in Mallorca’s history One thing, impossible to believe in my head I used to go to the stadium and it was full of people chanting That was the best part of the week then there was 2001 We went to play in the Champion League You beat Arsenal? Yer, we knew we were gonna win One dream, like a dream, you know? The feeling we we had, it was supremacy. And then there was 2003 the biggest one Cry, I cried for a day. In the international press, the national press, Mallorca, Mallorca. How is it possible Mallorca play in Russia? All whilst featuring some of the biggest names on and off the pitch! Cuper, he made Mallorca very important. Greatest of all time. GOAT We were in love with him He was a beautiful boy You even say it in Spanish?
No, we don’t say it, but he was the GOAT Samuel Eto’o lived in your house? Yes, yes For eight days When you ask Eto’o, who is your best friend in Mallorca? He will say Tony Taccha… Me We’re on this island in the the corner of Spain in the mediterranean, no one cares about us Then suddenly we are the kings of Europe it makes us very proud very, very proud But whilst Real Mallorca traversed the
continent becoming this rising red and black shining star of the Balearics and possibly even Spain only six minutes drive away and three tiers down the
Spanish football pyramid the David of this rivalry, Club Atlético Baleares Plodded along, at times more like stumbled along down in Spain’s fourth division The average English holiday maker who comes here have never heard of Atletico Baleares, which is sad. Have you been in La Liga? They only won the first match at home last week. In fact things got so bad here that at one stage, only a few years after Real Mallorca won the Copa Del Rey Atletico Baleares were
relegated to the 5th division and then, they were kicked out of their stadium… Well it got condemned, it was old. It was like a Roman theater old and it was decaying. It was a shithole but it was amazing Now they are repairing, they found an architect Next year we will play in our stadium Back to our house But as what often happens when your
club rarely experiences success Balearico’s are a set of fans where, they don’t really care about winning In Atletico Baleares, it doesn’t matter what’s happened. If you are losing, if you are first, If you are last They are always there 500 fans went to Toledo? That’s right 500 fans went to Albicete? Right. That’s a long way away yes For a third division right On a a tiny island where no one thinks they even exist My home town club Cardiff turned red and my Spanish friend came to visit me and sat with me I said I hate it here, I’m looking at a red team. He said I’ll take you to see Real Mallorca Real Mallorca is blinking red! I said I’m not gonna go and see some red club ‘Don’t worry’ he said There’s another club on the island, a small club he said They’re passionate but I’ve never
been there and they hate Real Mallorca I said ‘That’s the club for me!’ When you support your local club like they do and turn in week in week out and never see your club win for months that’s real passion. Two years ago I arrived here and
I feel like if I was playing here 20 years Because it’s, how do you say, it’s
like a family. Atletico Baleares, they’re a big club. In a lower league. And so with one side playing on Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Europe And the other plane at midday on weekends having to travel by boat to
islands so small they didn’t even have airports the idea of either side facing
each other was laughable to both sets of fans Someone told me you know there’s
another team called ‘Atletico Baleares’ And I was like, ok cool, good for them! All of which was a shame at least for football and this city because despite what both sets of fans have told us History and evidence, and their emotions proved otherwise When I was 5 years old I started to play football with Real Mallorca I was there 14 years and in 14 years they kicked me three times and they signed me three times but then the hard times, they returned to Real Mallorca and that red and black star started falling hard last few years we started losing games and since then it’s been horrible Each Sunday, you
get back home feeling really bad and that’s never happened to me First there were the financial problems Then relegation to the second division It was terrible. Losing losing losing losing losing losing And then last year they were relegated to the third division Otherwise known as Segunda B I went with my wife Inside the stadium Until 4 o’clock in the night Only two people Everybody out but my wife and me. Crying Have you had sympathy for them as fellow Mallorcans? No! It’s more because the Baleares fans feel like they’re the forgotten club I’m happy when they go down You were happy? Yer of course. How I had to leave the club It was hard for me And for that I cannot forget The players have feelings In fact things got so bad that late last year as they were going down Baleares almost jumped them. They are shit, and if they go up and we go down. No, no, if that happens I get my bags I put everything and I go to live somewhere else
because I don’t want to be here Why? because, you know we’ve been laughing
all our years at them And if Atletico Baleares, if they had been promoted Because they don’t own their stadium, Mallorca the law says whoever’s the biggest club
on the island get to have the stadium so if they go to second division and we
go to third division they’ve got the rights to take your stadium Yer Can you imagine the humiliation? They would have lost their home to Atletico Baleares If they wanted to But they would have had to pay five million euros Yer but they would pay, they would pay. And so, 37 years One Copa Del Rey title Multiple ownership changes A relegation to the fifth Division a couple of European adventures and two Stadium relocations later
it would be in the 2017-2018 Segunda B, Spain’s third division that
would host the resurfacing of one of Spain’s most heated but unknown
rivalries never seen I’ve never seen Mallorca so low, but when we knew Baleares would stay in Segunda B it was like, it was a positive side, and I was happy about that. Cause I’ve never seen a derby. This is my first derby, I’m 36 years old I don’t know what to expect It’s something good in this It’s the only spicy thing In this hell. In this hell, that we’re living right now Oh and if you think there’s some kind of regional brotherhood from being Balearic Or Mallorcan like we’ve seen in you’d be sorely mistaken They say they’re the loyal fans What do you say? I understand you but I don’t
listen! Baleares and Mallorca they have a… Rivalry. Yes. But I have more Baleares, they also support either Barca or Madrid But most of the Real Mallorca fans, we only support Real Mallorca Baleares fans are not interested in Barcelona, they’re not interested in Real Madrid That’s what like about them They support their local team! The dress is very bad Blue, white I like red Like blood. You know We have red blood and that’s what we want. Mallorca is for the glory hunters Now the first derby of this season has, actually already played at Baleares’ home ground And from what we’ve heard, in and around the ground the relaxed island mentality of Mallorca, was nowhere to be found I will be honest I was shocked The buzz of the ground, and the whole ground was singing not every man and his dog were singing But with Atletico Baleares home ground only holding about two and a half thousand It’s actually the return leg, here at Real Mallorca’s 25,000 seat San Moix Stadium that many consider the true return of the Mallorca derby. The beginning of this season derby doesn’t count, that this was a very small pitch. This is the real, the first and last derby for fourty years Alright Derby Days, Mallorca is official I think it definitely is the first ever third division Derby we’ve ever covered it’s also the first derby debut I’ve had to work over them about 6:30 in the morning the ultras have rocked up who have been told 8:00 a.m.
at the pub just to be there There’s obviously home fans for this derby as well and their Ultras have brought along their friends in ultras groups from Cologne, Bulgaria and all around Europe it’s only a 3K drive up the road, ah here’s the stadium now Team buses have rocked up Baleares first The first derby live for most of
these fans The first derby in this stadium and possibly the last for
another four decades It’s like our little brother, they’re trying to punch us and I’m like get out of here we don’t care about them What if they get you one in the nuts though. I don’t think that’s going to happen Holy shit We said it once, we said it a million
times forget common sense forget logic Derby’s do not make sense when it comes to the scoreboard It will be funny I don’t think you’ll be laughing No, No. I won’t be laughing. It’s not at the same level So we’re gonna beat them and then we’re gonna go back to second division in some year so
going back to first division The confidence has come back next time on Derby days


Do a Derby Day: Sporting Vs Benfica. Or the clássico: Benfica – Porto, Next month I think, the most important game of the season, PLEASE do it!!!!

Another amazing documentary! Would love to see another League of Ireland one, loved the bohs and rovers edition. Though it’s not a derby per say, would love to see one on Cork city and Dundalk. League has been a 2 horse race for the last 3 years, there have been final day deciders, cup finals and multiple players cross the divide in recent years. Real clubs, real fans. Would be interesting from an ownership perspective also, Cork city being fan owned and Dundalk being recently taken over by investors

I think a Benfica vs Sporting derby day is long overdue by copa90… Another Portuguese derby Vitoria Guimaraes vs Braga could be good one to watch too

Many suported killed caused this derby ….

Que mentirosos pero si son una isla de 800.000 habitantes y no llenan ni un estadio y Son Moix en primera vacío siempre.

Unbelievable Documentary. Although the welsh guy took the shine off it for me. Would rather have heard from a local supporter rather than a Ex Pat who can’t stay loyal to one team.

As a Canadian loving my Leafs, great respect for this video showing passion, love and tradition for this game of football/ life between these 2 teams!! Great series, just started watching!!

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I cried at the end of the video as Atletico Baleares equalized, with Eli's commentary on the pitch shouting "Goal! Goal! It's 2-2!" and Fleet Floxes playing in the background. I have no affiliation with either club but this is astounding quality from Copa90, and it is truly magnificent.

I didn't think I'd cry today but when that song started playing over the derby game, it hit me hard. I adore football for exactly the reason stated at 17:35 – "Sometimes it hurts you, but sometimes you love football" and as much as the game has lost part of its soul with huge money, corruption at FIFA and the perceived end of player-club loyalty, it is the fans and the love we have for our clubs that make football everything.

Thank you Copa90, the Spanish Derby Day series has been outstanding. Long may it continue.

RCD Mallorca is a historic team from spain that is currently in LaLiga123. After a disastrous sesion in the 2016-2017 he dropped to Second Division B and this year he regained the silver category. In the 2012-2013 season, RCD Mallorca went down to the second division after 16 years in the first division where they got several times to enter the TOP 10 and got win one Copa del Rey in 2002-2003 and played european competitions inclunding 2 participation in the Champions League. RCD Mallorca is in 18 place of the historical classification of the first division of Spain whit 27 seasons. He debuted in 1960-1961 seasons in her.
Amunt Mallorca!!! 💪🏻💪🏻🔴⚫

It makes me laugh when people say "it's only a game of footy"
Its more than a game. Like what the old bloke says at the beginning. It's his 45th wedding anniversary and he doesn't know what he loves more, his wife or his team!!
My team is shit, Middlesbrough. I get loads of shit for supporting them off the lads I work with. I'm a season card holder and I have travelled the country supporting them as I do love them, my oldest lad comes with me as well as he loves them too. The funny thing is, the lads who take the piss out of me at work support Liverpool and United, but never go to the games, but they're better fans than me, even though I've been to their ground more times in the last 10 years than they have. Copa 90, you are the best channel to watch on YouTube and Eli Mengen is the best to host them.

Qué buen clásico siempre he disfrutado de los estadios pequeños, me gustaría asistir algún día las gradas de la cancha del Baleares!!! Saludos desde México

You should do Vitória Guimarães vs. Braga (Minho Derby), one of the fiercest rivalries in Portugal!

When the "journalist" wants to be the fuckin' center of the story…..that was barely watchable.

Newsflash: you (the "journalist") don't matter: the story does.

So they equalised on 75 minutes to make it 2-2, but Mallorca get the winner on 72 minutes to make it 3-2? It’s the little (big!) details which undermines what is otherwise a great documentary. Do better, editor.

I’m addicted to this series. They’re so well produced these documentaries. Football is more powerful than any government.

Real and ATB both going through to promotion playoffs to get into Primera and Segunda division respectively.

If Real lose and ATB come up then this derby will happen twice in the 2019-20 season. Got to get to that.

I think you need to come to see the Nastic—Reus. Is no tje beste derby but if you want some sauce…you will find there

Baleares are currently in the 3rd division playoff final and can earn promotion to the 2nd division for the first time since 1963.

This is a bloody brilliant derby days, not only is it not heard of outside if mallorca, yet frickin interesting!! The derby itself is also probably not gunna be seen again for a long time, so well spotted, and a brilliant show. thank you!

That guy annise abraham was on English hooligan documentary and was caught on video fighting in Belgium with England fans at euro 2000 he was also arrested and when he noticed that there were cameras there filming he tried to run away from getting himself seen on camera and was knocked out by a policeman haha

Samuel eto'o an absolute god to Mallorca and thanks to Mallorca he became a god at Barca.. much respect to this incredible island and it's footballing culture….and Eli another class video I'm just discovering on this amazing series you have …I'm binge watching it for entire day so so good

You think that crowd number is big? In Aachen, Germany we mastered a sold out 32.900 stadium in 4th division 1 or 2 years ago against Essen, not because it is a local derby, but because it is a meeting of ultra groups and even hooligans. Essen is known and despised in all of North-Rhine Westphalia because of their radical hooligans (at least they were I am not up to date if that has really changed or not) and Aachen does have some Ultras that are a little Hooligan themselves. And so it is not uncommon in every city in NRW, that has a more or less big football club with Ultra/Hooligan groups to find Stickers and Graffitis with FCK RWE (Rot-Weiß Essen / Red-White Essen), so they managed to get a rather big police escort from the main station to the stadium because there was a high risk of colliding of groups that would not bat an eye before knocking the opponent out.

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