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If a unborn fetus has Human DNA and needs to be killed so it cannot be born, that means it's alive and human. They should reimburse women for telling them their babies needed aborted since they claim they aren't alive. Doctors should be sued for malpractice for telling patients their unborn fetus has to have a "special procedure" to prevent it from magically coming alive and being born if it really isn't alive at that point. What makes it magically come to life, if it isn't alive at that early stage anyhow?

Drugs pour across the border and they want to hold pharma companies not the doctors who wrongfully prescribe accountable?

What happens when we allow undocumented immigrants across the border who speak spanish only to find they are terrorists from the middle east? "The opioid crisis has also become a national security concern. Most of the heroin coming into the United States is cultivated on poppy farms in Mexico, with eight cartels controlling production and operating distribution hubs in major U.S. cities. Mexican cartels, which the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has called the “greatest criminal drug threat to the United States,” [PDF] typically smuggle narcotics across the U.S. southwest border in passenger vehicles or tractor trailers. Large quantities of heroin are also produced in South American countries, particularly Colombia, and trafficked to the United States by air and sea. Although most of the world’s heroin comes from Afghanistan, only a small portion of the U.S. supply is produced there":

And all those people heading fortune 500 companies would find it very unfair that they had to work hard to get here and it took years to build their companies and others don't do squat and waltz in and take bits and pieces away of the empire they strove so long to build.

vote for me , less government because this guy don't desire our tax dollars , so smaller government with a 10 % ,no deductions. but help for the elders and poor, have the 'smaller' government regulate the cost of education , hake the schools work more efficiency, this is something the government 'these guys' CAN NOT DO. a small efficiency WORKING government, why give these guy your pay check no matter how much you make they , these guys ,will waste it look at the improvement have done in the last 2 years…anything? You CAN ACHIVE anything you put your hands to YOU, ME can make OUR lives better. they's these guys just want your vote and money ,and you know that's true.. less government less tax for ALL.

Questioner: what will you do about the industrial crisis
Candidate: well when im president i will…
Questioner: sorry youre out of time

I'm Hispanic and I have to say stop speaking Spanish! I cringe when their Spanish isn't even good! Speak English, you guys wanna be president of the United States, not of a country from Latin America.

Tulisi Gabard & Kamala Harris are Indian Modi agent be careful Democrat to vote for these two women.We don't want a Islamophobia,racist,fascist,neo Nazism in USA,I am a Democrat.Look at Modi when he visited this two women were so much happy they indirectly helped together to win for Donald Trump 2020 election.

I never seen so many snakes in one room ……a bunch of snakes …lies to the people …trump win biggg in 2020…25.000$$$I'll bet trump wins 2020

I think it would be better if the whole program had a Spanish and ASL interpreter for everyone instead of individual candidates throwing in some Spanish here and there.

While voters are trying to nail down who to vote for. Mainstream media will try to persuade you. It doesn't matter what they say. I will be voting over 50 years in 2020. Do you know how many times I have l have listened to broken promises? "Take the time to research a candidates voting record. It will speak volumes on what they will do if elected."

Whether you support Trump or not go on Google and YouTube and Just ask as many questions as you can about how Trump is good Trump is bad Republicans are good bad and do the same for Democrats and you will see the biased. The point is is if you are affirm Democrat for good reason then that's you were right. But if you are a Democrat based off of the research you do on Google and YouTube then you might be being misled. I've done so much research to prove this and it is heartbreaking. How do we make a opinion on who is right and who is wrong when we are only seeing 25% of 1 sides information and 75% of the other side's? YouTube and Google are being paid off by the Democratic leaders and whether you support the left or right this is unacceptable our children and ourselves deserve to make our own mind up and have all the information in front of us

They talk about breaking up corporations that are too large, but I doubt they will ever go after Disney. I doubt they will ever go after silicon.. I mean monopoly valley. Instead they will go after their red-herring oil companies and call it a day.

"And they call you crazy? No, real crazy is on the march. Crazy wants to turn math into gibberish. It wants to ditch school grades. It blocks people from going to work. It throws fluid on politicians. It mobs people at their houses. It spits and punches at those for wearing hats. Concocts hoaxes to incite violence. Keeps the sick and drug-addicted on the streets. Brands biology a phony construct. And now they want to make insults illegal. They also think the world is ending in 10 years. With them running the Asylum, who can say their wrong!" ~ Greg Gutfeld

🤣 lol Booker looked at Beto like 👀
That was actually a good idea though, kinda show off-y but a good idea for the Spanish speaking voters.

Regarding women pay needing to be more statement, I want you During your commute to anywhere today to look around and see what auto Men drive around vs what women drive around! All I see is women driving new or newer cars now! Men need the help!

They are saying that guns are a health emergency because kids are dying and in the same breath they say abortion is a right. Um, hello, abortion kills kids. The blind leading the blind.

Remember During the Teapot Dome scandal, Albert B. Fall, who served as secretary of the interior in President Warren G. Harding’s cabinet, is found guilty of accepting a bribe while in office. Fall was the first individual to be convicted of a crime committed. So why is it Joe Biden is not guilty of the same? The only “quid pro quo“ I see was done by Joe Biden getting his son Hunter Biden $1.5 billion from China and a Lucrative $50,000+ Per month job on a Ukrainian oil company, as member on the board of directors. And he has zero experience in that area. President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 he gets my conservative Democrat vote again. President Trump has kept his campaign promises unlike you do nothing Democrats. All the sore loser democrats have done is one impeachment witch-hunt after another the past three years wasting time and taxpayer money$$$. Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi is sitting with a trade bill on her desk that needs to be passed ASAP. She shouldn’t be vacationing at taxpayer expense over in the Middle East instead of doing her job. And we need a infrastructure bill passed there’s over 4,000 deficient bridges in the United States. Hopefully you won’t be on one of them when it collapses and you fall to your death. See there’s plenty of things for you Democrats to do besides one witch-hunt after another now go do your dam jobs.

I think the biggest concern is nuclear world war 3, which is connected to economic disputes. Then climate change which is causing all these crazy fires lately. But the planet and we all blow up in a split second then none of that matters, including healthcare, economy, and climate change. Empathy, understanding, and communication between seemingly different humans (countries), but actually similar humans as a whole, need to work on really putting one in another's shoes, use our best immersive imagination and creativity, in order to trust, work, live, love together in unity and synergy. A slice of my vision.

The political world really needs to trust the people and not try to keep them ignorant though. There are many brilliant/talented people in this country that have no idea about whats politically going on and how this country is currently running, because it has never been taught to most Millenials in educational system when young. Always told to vote, but never pointed to resources on how or what to research, and what incentive it would bring that would directly affect or be incorporated into our career and daily lives. There is obvious long-term associations, how the big decisions will affect us of course, but entrepreneurship, creating profit, or our dreams of expressing our gifts, talents, and how we can make a change in this world for the better… what motivational connection did the political world make to the rest of us? There needs to be much more work to create an educating/integrating system on how to learn about expressing our educated opinions, how to prepare to vote, research candidates or even becoming candidates be it one's path, and incentive to be associated/involved… there just needs to be much more openness and faith in the people overall. The people need to be equipped for success and given a drive to connect, know what I mean? Otherwise I think someone could go throughout their entire life as an American, just going back to their job or achieving their personal goals, without the spending the proper time/research/work of selecting our country's leader.

Thousands for dislikes than likes… probably bc when candidates have absolutely nothing to offer, they harp all day on social issues, that do nothing but divide the ppl. Basically this democratic debate is a total circus filled with Cornish Clowns

Everyone except Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Andrew Yang & Tulsi Gabbard should drop out of the presidential race. I mean let's get real, especially for the sake of time & money. The candidates I mentioned are the only ones I feel are genuinely trying to unite the country while also having enough experience and/or concrete solutions to most, if not all, of America's problems. On top of that, these five are the only candidates I feel have any chance of defeating Trump.

I do not have health care right now, because I still have health care with my mom's, but I wish I could get enough hours, to actually benefit my health, as a working woman, and I was born with an Immune Deficiency, so this makes it difficult for me

I can work full time hours, and not make enough for a place to live in, let alone college debt, and food, and health insurance, and even owning my own car, we seriously need to make this economy work for everyone, as a Hispanic working women, I do face some racial comments wherever I go, and I am lucky to be a waitress right now

Some people like me can't say no to whatever jobs I can get, I may already have to work full time hours at my current job, but get either a 2nd full time, or part time job, just to not suffer financially

During obama’s fake presidency, he would repeat himself on almost every occasion describing Americans as “this is not who we are”.

What demorats stand for today must put a crooked smile on his weaselly face .

Vote America. Vote Trump 2020! WE are the champions, democrats-shillary-Biden-cortex squad-they are the losers!

I’m surprised at how much they dodge questions or not completely answer, it seems like it’s more about making a statement that everyone would like to hear and not necessarily about addressing the issues at hand

I didnt like warrens hesitation when asked about if her plan would have limits to abortion…not only did i feel like she skirted the actual question and answered it in a backwards way but it to me seems obvious that she will have limits on abortion…castro hit that head on, didnt hesitate and included reproductive rights for the trans community as well…

Oh wow. This is the best they can do? I just do not see leaders in any of them. I hoped someone could take on Trump…. They are all to inexperienced and young.
I would Booker just because he is against Iran.

Trumps Muslim ban? lol haha. the USA and Muslim Nations right now have never got on better than ever before, Iran a case in point. Christians used to burn witches. the Muslims never did that. but they mostly want peace and safety. So let us just forgive and learn. Trump is Amazing. These Democrats are against Law and Order and Common sense.

Jay Inslee > ignores homelessness issue in his own state
Jay Inlsee > I'm not scared, bring on all the refugees
Washington State > dies inside everyday day


News anchor: Please answer yes or no
Politician: bla bla bla bla bla bla
= Didn’t answer

News anchor: Why the country have so much problem not solved

Politician: bla bla bla bla = nonsense

People of the country: All politician wants to help poor people!
Their policies almost the same!
Helping poor , hahahahaha

After watching this debate I relaized that the US problems are deep rooted and fundamental. Something has changed in good ol' America. The debate is not productive or could even be concidered a mature discussion. The candidates throw out word that make people cheer, like "trans" "womens right to choose". I think Americans has lost their identity, they no longer belong. They are just living and trying to pay the bills. The land of opportunities and freedom has become the land of the walking trans bisexuals.

As a rapper at age 31 I finally understand what these presidential debates are for, to learn of the candidates for a good vote.

Well it’ll be fun to see this thumbnail in 2020, when the media-blackout’d guy Andrew Yang is the final winner, then you guys dictators be looking like North Korean dictators, your audience will wake up like North Korean citizens too

🤗Ha! ha! Only a handful of people show up for democratic event. On Friday, six Democratic presidential candidates spoke to a handful of people at the first-ever "Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice," held at South Carolina State University. More people probably would have attended the event if they knew what "environmental justice" means. President Trumps going to re-election by a landslide in 2020.
4 more years of MAGA 🇺🇸.

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