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If you go to season 7 episode 23 Cristi was fighting with Yolanda and Cristi says you choked your best friend and Yolanda said she didn't any Stacy was on Yolandas side and Stacy even agreed

I feel so bad for Elli in that video. She was crying and telling her mom that Maesi and Lilly WERE NOT buying her!!!

I literally clicked on this video and an ad for Nia deciding to either practice dancing or singing pops up I was so shook 😂💞

Yolanda didn’t yell in Lilly’s face but she shouldn’t of confronted her as it’s perfection and “oh I pushed Stacey” no you put your hands around her neck it’s all on video and you know what you did

ok sarah was kind of rude to yolanda. i would never talk to an adult like that. completely disrespectful. she’s got a bad attitude.

I understand that Yolanda was acting up but sarah really could've said it in a better way. Bc she is still a child and yolanda is an adult. Its not about what u say but how u say it

My Mom has a really good saying…
"Honey, I'm not saying that you are the bigger person. I'm telling to go BE the bigger person.

Yolanda didnt choke her but she tried which is still wrong and I still dont like Yolanda but I just wanted to point that out😁

I can’t say I can take side Stacey, Yolanda or Lilly. They are all wrong

1st of all Yolanda is right she never got up to Lilly’s face and yelled at her she said it in a low tone but she should not have done that in the 1st place.

2nd of all Lilly was 7 so she did not know better but she did lie. But to be honest Lilly was a 7 year old responsible kid so I expected her to know what yelled means.

Lastly, I don’t know why Stacey brings back the past.. it happened 3 years ago but she was acting like it happened yesterday and Yolanda pushed her by the shoulders not the neck.

This is only my opinion

Yolanda listen to ur self. You seem to act like ur better than everyone esle. Maybe shes not dancing like she use to. Abbey telks u over and over to shut up and u dont. U put it in her head that she was better than everyone esle. So i dont think she gave it her all cause she thought she was gonna win hands down. Then with u harping on her all the time shes sunk back into 2nd guessing herself. And for the record u did choke Stacy. No matter what, u know u did u were just embarrassed. That was a straight up choke.

ok but Lilliana DID lie and also Stacey confronted Yolanda and then freaked out bc Yolanda retaliated. Stacey shouldn't of gone at Yolanda if she wasn't ready to throw down

I used to love Sarah until all of the studio 19 drama. In this video, she came off as a bit rude but she did do the dance better than Ellie

Do u know what’s annoying on Jordan matters channel he did a video with Yolanda,Stacy,Ellie and Lilly and they actually got along

Watched through the video in slo-mo..Stacey is the liar, all Yolanda did was touched her shoulders which doesn’t consider as “chocking”

Yolanda is even crazier even more out of control and you know kids Exaggerate stuff Yolanda wasn’t screaming but she was yelling and she needs to go to a mental institution for a week amen

I think Elliana is talented enough to take her talent to something more than Dance Mom's. She's got the biggest platform out of all those little girls.

O.m.g What the heck is Abby thinking blaming every thing on Yolanda, First of all Yolanda was doing the right thing defending herself.

Secondly, Yolanda never yelled in lillianas face. And before all the physical confrontation STACEY was insulting Yolanda for her physical attributes, Just because she has a appearance disorder? That's disgusting. She enunciated while saying she doesnt deal with dissociative identity disorder in her practice of becoming a doctor or something. AND SHE COULD CLEARLY SEE SHE OFFENDED HER BUT KEPT RUNNING HER MOUTH! And after that when she decided to keep running her mouth, Yolanda called her a b***. Then STACEY deliberately said "Atleast im only one b****, your like three b**** I gotta call you b** 1 2 3." Which is incredibly disrespectful on all levels.

All STACEY wants is drama and she is getting the satisfaction out of it.

I believe yolonda just tried to push her back because when I first saw that episode I did not even know that she strangled her I just thought she pushed her back because that’s what it looked like but Lily’s mom I think just wants to cause drama

she did but her hands around Stacey neck and then push her back because if push your thumbs in to someone's neck it can still stangler her and she should of never touched her in the first place

“I pushed you back and when my arms went out thats where your neck was.”…..i hate to tell you but when you put your hands on someones neck…thats kinda how choking works. She didnt choke her out or hard but hands around the neck is still an attempt at choking.

Am I wrong or did Yolanda put her hands around Stacey's neck? I don't think she had enough time to but still.

Even though Yolanda was screaming, idk why Abby was only blaming Yolanda for yelling when everyone was yelling

Well I kinda have a lot to say because even tho Yolanda never chocked Stacy and never yelled in her face I know it was wrong but is old enough at 8 years old not to lie and first Stacy was mad because Ellie was going to be in the group dance and her kid wasn’t at the time so Stacy poisoned all the moms against her when that happened almost 3 years ago so Yolanda apologized to her so it was the past so season 8s drama wasn’t Yolanda’s fault Stacy bought it up so it’s Stacy’s fault

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