Dance Moms: The Group Dance Is TOO PERSONAL for Brynn (Season 7 Flashback) | Lifetime


I think Ashley is just pushing it on to brynn because if she doesn’t want tot talk about it leave her alone. My parents aren’t divorced but my cusins are and she talks to me about everything so if brynn wants to talk about then she will when she’s ready.

It is hard a few years after divorce their is custody problems because my mom and dad just went threw custody stuff

I know Ashley and Jill might have their issues, but I'm glad that they set it aside for the sake of Brynn (the child).

Okay but why not just wait till your home to talk about it and not while she’s hooked up to a mic with cameras

As soon as I Heard Jill is looking after Brynn I was shook I thought Ashleigh and Jill where fighting.
I wish y’all could see my face.

When ashlee says brynn is stayin with jill-
Oh the Irony 🤣🤣🤣
Dont know why I found this funny, the reason sucks

You you food
You are food
You beautiful food
You just food
You the food
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You are food

Now read the second word of each line…
😊 😊 😊

Okay I understand Ashlee saying it’s fine for Brynn to talk to her but like really? If a child doesn’t have a feeling for or an opinion on something, she should respect it. Not everyone reacts to every little thing.

Yay. Abby capitalizing on her students trauma in order to score better on… a dance. Ooo so inspired. Much talented choreography. sarcasm

Ok it’s ok for her to have feeling but if she doesn’t feel like she wants to say anything then don’t force her to say it your just making it worse 🤦🏾‍♀️😂

dude no offence to ashley but you cant force brynn to talk about that she doesnt have to have feelings trust me i know

Abby I have respect for her she’s a great dance teacher she knows what she’s doing she gives good corrections but she yells a lot and is a bit harsh

Wow, that should be very hard for a teenager to go through situation like this… it is important for performers to be able to put your work out there, that is related to your vulnerable part tho.

Conspiracy theory: Jill wanted Brynn to stay with her in order to show that her little Kendall is close with everybody and for Abby to realize that she must be on the top of the Mom pyramid and therefore, Kendall deserves some more solos

If you force her to talk about her feelings, it’s only gonna lead to resentment, though. Let her come to you on her own terms instead of forcing what you want to hear out of her. This seems to bother her mom more than Brynn herself. 🙄🙄🙄

This show's name needs to be changed into the jealous moms because some of these crazy women trash talk other kids who are better than their own kid . I mean it's not other kids fault that your kid sucks at dancing .

imagine being a grown woman and telling production to go film a child because she’s clearly upset about a custody situation i-

Not only is it too personal for Brynn…its way too personal for even television to be seeing a real situation and making entertainment out of it. I really got discusted watching this. In poor taste to film her while talking with her mom.

Y’all over here saying the names of the moms and all I know is “Karen, Karen, Karen, Karen, Holly, Karen, Karen, and Karen.”

it’s not that brynn is being a brat right now, it’s that she doesn’t want all of her emotions to be broadcast. she’d probably be more open if a camera wasn’t there to listen to her every word about how she feels about her family life, ya know?

If you guys want to know who my favourite dance mom character is if this comment gets too 500 likes I will tell you guys

They all blew this out of proportion. Yes, the dance has some correlation to what’s going on in brynns life but for them to be looking for some sort of reaction from her about it is ridiculous. I feel bad for her. I can’t imagine cameras all in my personal life

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