Dance Moms: The ALDC Girls Audition for MattyB (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime


Unpopulair opinion:

I dont like that nia keeps doing the dead drop like we get it u can drop on The floor but yeah..

The guys first impression of Mackenzie is that she did something they didn’t want her to do but then she started singing and then boom their brains turned around

Wait is Marty B’s real name Mason? Cause after Mckenzie’s go they said “Mason come out”. Lol is it just me who only noticed this now 😂

It's so sad D: People over-looked kendall as though she were deaf or a doll. They didn't see how good she actually is while singing and dancing

So Kendall didnt get it..? Even though she technically if they kept score overall, scored the highest? Vocals and performance were great

Ok bro who was that girl who they said gave an older vibe. Her singing all like, off key completely. She didn’t dance very well either…ouch man

Abby literally said one girl would be singing vocals in the video, but yet she made the moms quit because she signed a contract, but didn’t know a girl would be singing a contract.
Anyone else smell something fishy?🐟

It can be kinda disheartening when auditioners make assumptions about the kids, like thinking that mackenzie thought she was gonna get it just cause she was an artist. I feel like it can paint a bad stereotype sometimes which is not true and will influence their decision

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