Dance Moms: Maddie Lets Herself Down (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime


THE CRYING IS NT NORMAL i personaly think it wass the editors making maddie look like a loser but little do i know she is AMAZING!

Maybe she has to do this coz it’s her job to correct them, yes it may have been fabulous but Abby’s the dance teacher so obviously ur not going to pick up the corrections coz she’s the mam

Ok this ain’t right… if you look behind Melissa at 4:12 on the left, you can obviously see she’s hiding Maddie behind her who is sitting down. This is so fake and the laugh at 3:34 and 4:26 😖. Nice try lifetime 😉

If that was the bath room why would they have sinks right outside of the door also that cry was NOT REAL! and you see her in the mirror 🤣

Jessalyn: she put a frickin bracelet on and 6 curlers in her hair!
Me: actually, she put 7 curlers in her hair, but yea, ya know 😂

Did anyone notice at 4:12 that when Melissa moved you could see maddies hair in the bun even tho shes ment to be in the bathroom?

Every one can tell thats not maddies cry and i saw maddie in the mirror when she was supposed to be in the bathroom

“You have to be perfect” Abby. I know your their dance teacher so i guess you have the right to correct her. But you can NEVER tell a child that she has to be perfect. Ofc Maddie’s gonna be stressed and sad.

Does anyone realize when Melissa said Maddie is a perfectionist in the titles it says in nia a perfectionist 3:17

Abby was like you need to represent the ALDC but then she shows up in hair curlers and a bracelet and it’s not even at HER studio

the cry wasnt even maddie, when melissa was in front of the mirror at 4:12 YOU CAN SEE MADDIE IN THE MIRROR WHEN MELISSA MOVES A LITTLE TO THE SIDE

Pause it at 4:13 and you can see it isnt maddie crying coz she is sat next to holly with a smudge of makeup

i love how when abby was giving corrections, she was speaking in a normal tone, but everyone else was acting like she was screaming

They actually danced to titanium by sia and maddie was amazing so was everyone else. I agree with holly if anyone else messes up and cries she would have screamed at them.

Jesslyn and JoJo should have never been on Dance Moms they both act like they’re two years old and they’re brats

The difference is,when the other girls cry,it's usually bc abby yelled at them or something but when maddie cries,it's because she didn't get something perfect,so i don't see why the moms are criticizing her and abby etc for it…

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