Dance Moms: Maddie Doesn’t Have Any Competition (Season 5 Flashback) | Lifetime


Abby should give everyone fair chances to win. Chloe could of done this is Abby gave her the time of day

I’m sick of hearing “Maddies a perfectionist” I KNOW it doesn’t mean she can be moody when she doesn’t have a solo

Wait how come Gianna said in the beginning, that Abby gave her one solo.. but Kalanis solo fragile forest was second..

I think Maddie’s the best because Melissa doesn’t pull her out when she gets mad at Abby or how she doesn’t complain to abby

In reality maddie can dance but she's not the best dancer as the show makes her out to be. It doesnt really fall on maddie because she is being exploited. Everyone knows that the competitions are fixed. If you watch other dancers at competitions you wonder how maddie can win all those competitions. The aldc invites people who they think would lose to them. When people were suspecting it was rigged suddenly they loss. The reason why sia picked maddie is because of dance moms. Sia saw how many awards maddie was winning and thought she must be the best dancer. I think all of us know that maddie is not that good of a dancer. Actually a new cast for dance moms was needed because they were getting to old. The show focuses on younger girls growing up as dancers. As soon as the girls left maddie suddenly puts out a video about how abby used her. The real question is how come she didnt say anything when she first left. This is show biz at its finest.

Thalia does 20-25 hours a WEEK! I did 12 and my doctor told me I was over extending myself so I had to cut down. Jeez

Me: uh huh, and sorry I forgot but what place did she win??

(I dont mean to be shady or mean but Erin definitely jinks her dancer)

I hate that lifetime barely shows any of the dances in these clips. They literally showed Talia’s turn sequence and ending post and that’s it 🙄

Fun fact Kalani performed fragile forest and also got a perfect score so the judges had to pick between Maddie’s and Kalani’s and picked which one they liked more

The blonde women behind Melissa was like
cAlM dOwN lAdY
😂😂😂 3:40

Edit: soz just realised that has been commented like 10000 times ahahah

For everyone saying kalani got a solo too this little scene was just about maddie not kalani so they didn’t focus on her.

All God's Creatures is my favourite solo that Maddie has done. I dunno why but I could watch it over and over again and still enjoy it.

Thalia is freaking good. Idk why she didn’t place. Also I think maddie always wins first place because of her ACTING. That is why she makes the difference

Kalani also competed against Maddie! She got second overall and a perfect score as well! The name of her solo is Fragile forest and it’s amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

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